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The Arch London offers Dog-Friendly Luxury in Central London

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

To ensure that our four-legged friends can enjoy a luxury holiday too, five-star hotel The Arch London opens its doors to all canines big and small.
The hotel treats dogs to an indulgent experience, with luxurious dog beds, feeding bowls, treats and delicious pet food cooked to order.
Dog walking services are also available, allowing owners to relax whilst their furry friends explore the 350 acres of nearby Hyde Park. And after a lovely afternoon, the hotel can arrange for a pampering session in Chelsea’s luxurious Pet Day Spa, a calm relaxing and safe haven in which pets can be groomed, indulged and revitalised.

Pampered pooches and their owners will be able to enjoy the luxury of the stylish townhouse retreat together. Dog-sitting services are also available should owners wish to indulge in a little retail therapy.


My Pet-Friendly Stay at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar in Philadelphia

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Kimpton Palomar

Last weekend, The Points Guy‘s Marketing and Events Manager Becca Denenberg took me — Miles the dog — to Philadelphia for a weekend. Because I was traveling with her, we needed to find a dog-friendly hotel and decided to stay at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar since it’s known for its PAWsome pet-friendly policies.

After a ruff, traffic-filled, four-hour drive from New York, during which I took a very long nap, we finally arrived at the hotel. It was around 7:00pm. The front desk staff couldn’t be friendlier. When we checked in, they gave me a homemade dog treat made by the restaurant’s head chef. I loved it!

The staff also provided us with a pet-friendly map of the city so I could check out the parks nearby. Every time I came down for a walk during our weekend stay, they remembered my name. Needless to say, I felt right at home. We also filled out a special form with the hotel’s pet policy spelled out to make sure I’d be on my best behavior, just in case.

Kimpton Palomar

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Dogs are more and more like family to us. Why do some public places still bar them?

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

By Cinnamon Janzer Washington Post

In her 2014 New Yorker essay “Pets Allowed,” author Patricia Marx explored the proliferation of fraudulent emotional support animals (ESAs). Marx began by asking why so many pets are allowed in places they “shouldn’t be,” followed by an image of the author in a drugstore with an alpaca at her side. By telling a therapist a made-up story about her childhood, Marx obtained ESA credentials to tote “five un-cuddly, non-nurturing animals” around New York City. She took a turtle into an art museum, a pig into an airport and a snake into a fancy boutique.
Marx smartly and humorously illustrated how easy it is to game the system, blaming the phenomenon on a lack of understanding and regulation around ESA laws combined with animal lovers who have no problem bypassing their own doctors and going online to buy ESA credentials, likening transgressors to able-bodied adults whose vehicles sport handicapped license plates. Marx isn’t alone in her displeasure with pets being where they “shouldn’t be” — others have railed against dogs in stores, dogs in restaurants and dogs who have a high spot on their owners’ priority lists.
I have experienced anxiety and depression for years, and I’m one of the pet-owners Marx’s piece and those who share her sentiments take aim at: I’m an unmarried, childless millennial whose dog is at the center of her universe. When those inevitable days hit when getting out of bed is a battle, my dog Gus’s enthusiastic requests for food and a walk are sometimes the only things that motivate me to start the day. However, even when I’m not in the middle of a bout of anxiety, I still want him with me often when I go out in public. And I’m not the only one. For me and millions of Americans, discrimination against pets in public spaces reflects an antiquated conception of the role pets can play in people’s lives.

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