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Interesting Take on “Take Your Dog To Work Day”

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Here is an interesting blog post by Sherry Long on “Take Your Dog To Work Day” – held last Friday June 22. It is called Be “Happy, Be Productive: Take a Dog to Work”.

Spring Into Action Names Theresa Strader Prize Winner

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Spring Naturals, makers of premium dinners and treats for dogs, is excited to announce their first Spring Into Action Grand Prize Winner! Following a 12-month campaign search for the nation’s most devoted animal advocates, Theresa Strader and her animal rescue organization, National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) will receive $2,000 worth of Spring Naturals dinners and treats for dogs, plus a $500 monetary donation in honor of her dedication to animal welfare.

Here’s her story that captured over 3,000 votes and helped Strader win the Spring Into Action Grand Prize: It started with a one-sentence email that Strader received. “50 Italian Greyhounds in Need.” A ‘puppy mill’ was going out of business and one of the dogs was a seven-year-old named Lily. The moment Strader and Lily’s eyes met through the wire cage, she promised Lily to not only save her but to put an end to the cruel commercial dog breeding industry. In honor of Lily, Strader established NMDR in 2007 to give a voice to mill dogs across the country. At her 160-acre facility, Strader and a team of over 1,400 volunteers, plus a small paid veterinary staff, care for all the dogs that walk through their doors. Since its start, NMDR has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 7,000 dogs and is continuing to grow.

Strader went head-to-head with 11 other equally touching stories garnering around 6,500 total votes overall on the Spring Naturals Facebook page, helping animal rescues across the nation as well as recognizing the community heroes within them.

Update: Unfortunately, with the recent Black Forest fire affecting the Colorado Springs area, Theresa Strader and her family’s home is one of 100 homes that have been destroyed so far. The Strader home was the original home of NMDR. To help give back to Strader, supporters have set up a fund to collect donations so the family can get back on their feet and continue to help others. Spring Naturals has made donation and encourage others to check out the fundraising site to help support this community hero.

FinderCodes™ New Digital Pet Lost and Found Kits Exclusively at Target®

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Reinventing lost & found – digital smart tags has benefits over microchipping

For those looking for a better way to help lost pets find their way home, FinderCodes, LLC is happy to announce that Target will begin carrying its new Pet Owner Lost and Found Kit on June 6. For the launch, Target, together with Pedigree, is sponsoring a gift card promotion: for a limited time, anyone who purchases a FinderCodes Lost and Found Kit and Pedigree Pet Food will receive a $5 Target gift card.

“We’re pleased to offer this innovative product nationwide to protect pets if they become lost and safeguard their owners from identity theft.”

FinderCodes has essentially reinvented the lost and found process. (Click here for video) Using QR code-embedded “Smart Tags” and today’s technologies, a “Good Samaritan” finder of a lost pet can instantly broadcast alert messages to the owner’s multiple points of contacts, and even include a map of the pet’s location. The process is initiated by scanning the tag with a smartphone (or entering its code online). FinderCodes unique system does not expose either the finder’s nor owner’s contact information. All communication can be done anonymously through the FinderCodes system, a valuable feature given today’s continuing rise in identity theft.

FinderCodes Smart Tags offer many advantages over microchipping and traditional pet tags. Recent studies have shown that microchips are not the silver bullet most pet owners believe them to be. Due to a multiplicity of databases and a lack in the uniformity of codes, many microchips cannot be read or their data located. In fact, on its website, the Humane Society of the United States ( advises, “…microchips aren’t foolproof, and you shouldn’t rely on them exclusively to protect your pet.”

With no subscription fees, FinderCodes Smart Tags are a low-cost, ideal complement to microchips as a way to protect cherished pets against loss. Additionally, FinderCodes provides the option to share important information with the finder about a pet that traditional tags can’t. This includes a reward amount, the pet’s dietary or medical needs, and emergency veterinarian information. And since owners can always update their information at any time, the tags never become obsolete.

“Having Target—one of the nation’s largest retailers—as a retail partner and Pedigree as a promotional partner is a big win for us and pet owners everywhere,” says FinderCodes founder and CMO Blake Sohn. “We’re pleased to offer this innovative product nationwide to protect pets if they become lost and safeguard their owners from identity theft.”

FinderCodes Pet Owner Lost and Found Kits can be purchased exclusively at Target for $14.99 and include a small heart-shaped, bone-shaped, and a standard tag to fit any size pet. FinderCodes are made in USA and come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

For more information on FinderCodes, please visit,, or