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Books: The Dog Who Healed a Family

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Millions cherish their pets, but for the favored few, rare encounters with extraordinary animals can change their lives. In THE DOG WHO HEALED A FAMILY (Harlequin; August 2010; $12.95, trade paperback original), veteran animal writer Jo Coudert gathers the at-turns endearing, hilarious, and inspiring stories of special animal and human relationships that have pushed the boundaries of care and nurturing, and led to extraordinary bonds of love.

A frequent contributor to such national periodicals as The Reader’s Digest and Woman’s Day, Coudert has unearthed eighteen heartfelt stories that span the country as they track the adventures and misadventures of a variety of domesticated and wild animals and their often unusual human encounters.

Not-so-ordinary household pets take center stage in many of Coudert’s stories, such as:

· A German shepherd, adopted by a teenager with terminal cancer, outlives the boy and becomes the “Good Shepherd” for untold other children suffering with chronic and life-threatening diseases.

· Another shepherd travels the world as a rescue dog, lending its keenly trained senses to helping find survivors of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

· One aging dog was so beloved by its relocated family that a “puppy express,” modeled on the old Pony Express, was organized to reunite them.

Jo Coudert is the author of nine books, including Seven Cats and the Art of Living and The Good Shepherd. A lifelong animal lover, she lives in Califon, New Jersey.

Camp Bow Wow Launches a New Training Program

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Camp Bow Wow announced the launch of its newest program, Bow Wow Behavior Buddies, providing training to dogs enrolled at Camp Bow Wow locations throughout the country. Camp Bow Wow will now offer various training options in addition to boarding, day care and home care.

The Bow Wow Buddies Behavior training is a progressive and comprehensive initiative for Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies franchisees wishing to offer dog training. Created to help customers modify their canine’s behavior issues, the training commences in the pet’s home, in Camps, or in group classes and is specifically tailored to each pooch using proven training methodologies. Camp Bow Wow’s trainers combine extensive knowledge of dog behaviors to modify your pet’s manners.

Upon spending several weeks in grueling training with two nationally renowned trainers, Aimee Sadler and Nick Fisher, franchisees are now offering group classes, “board and trains,” and individual private training. With instructor Aimee Sadler teaching the scientific principles behind training techniques and Nick Fisher bringing his successful pack psychology to modify behavior, these two well-known figures lend their expertise to the training efforts.

Through a combination of classroom instruction and daily hands-on experience with shelter dogs, the franchisees have been provided with a full-bodied handling and training experience, unrivaled by most other dog training schools and programs throughout the country. While in training, students learn how to assess issues, as well as implement appropriate tools, training protocols, and key marketing techniques to build the training business. The level of expertise in diverse methods, use of shelter dogs for unpredictability training, and implementation of many dog training tools and techniques has set Camp Bow Wow apart from other pet care facilities across the nation.

“We are thrilled to be launching Camp Bow Wow’s newest program, Bow Wow Behavior Buddies, as an additional asset to our roster of pet care programs. This expansion will help to solidify our position as an authority on pet services, offering new programs that are atypical of traditional dog care facilities,” noted Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of Camp Bow Wow.

For more information or to find a Camp or Home Buddies near you offering the Bow Wow Behavior Buddies program, visit

Minneapolis: More Apartments and Condos offer Perks for Pets

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The Blue Apartment Building is an upscale apartment complex in south Minneapolis. This extremely dog-friendly apartment can serve as a model for other pet-friendly living areas. Pets are allowed in the Tiki Bar, elevators and the covered lobby. In addition, there is a private dog park accessed directly off of the elevator. The address is:
Blue Apartments
2922 Aldrich Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
(612) 349-2900

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