New Mexico Governor OKs Paws on Patios

Gov. Susana Martinez signed Senate Bill 11 with a flourish, to the applause and cheers of supporters. Best of all, nobody pooped on the patio. Surrounded by well-behaved pooches including her own Alaskan malamute, Riggs, Martinez signed into law a measure authorizing restaurants throughout New Mexico to allow dogs in designated outdoor dining spaces.

“I know how important dogs can be to their owners, and owners to their dogs,” said Martinez, who signed the legislation on the patio at Louie’s Corner Cafe in downtown Santa Fe, just a few blocks from the Capitol.

Louie himself was there, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu sporting the pink bandanna he wears on the restaurant’s sign.

Among other supporters: a golden retriever, a Labrador retriever, an Irish wolfhound, a Norwich terrier, a sheltie, a sheepdog and a puppy of indeterminate parentage.

The new law leaves it up to restaurants to decide whether to allow dogs outdoors. It’s already done in Albuquerque.

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