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U.S. and Canada Highway Rest Stop Information

You recommend places directly to fellow travelers with dogs.

Please let us know about pet-friendly and not so pet-friendly rest stops, turnpike service areas and other highway stops on U.S. and Canadian highways by adding your comments here. For our Worldwide Travel GuidesĀ  see our pet-friendly worldwide travel guides.

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7 Responses to “’s Roaming Reporter – U.S. and Canada Highway Rest Stops”

  1. says:

    This was from a reader in Oregon:

    This is the info from the ODOT website:

    Cabin Creek – Northbound & Southbound
    20 miles north of Roseburg (milepost 142.8)
    Restrooms, Picnic Tables, Drinking Water, Public Telephones, Accessible Facilities, Vending Machines.

    This is my review:

    Here is a shady, beautiful, restful rest area with a lovely hiking trail just made for pets and their owners who need to stretch their legs. We didn’t want to leave!

    If we could add more reader-submitted comments on more highway rest stops, I think this would be a nice addition for your readers who drive.

  2. says:

    Oklahoma Welcome Center

    There is a fenced off-leash dog park when entering Oklahoma from Texas on I-40 at the Oklahoma Welcome Center. It’s quite nice.

  3. Virginia says:

    Traveling to Michigan from Florida last year on I75 I was discussed at all of the rest areas on how the dog owners did not clean up after their pets. It was so bad that we stopped going to the rest areas and would leave the highway looking for a fast food restaurant to walk our dog. Come on people if we don’t clean up at these areas and hotel grounds the state’s and hotel’s will stop allowing our beloved animals.

  4. amber lee says:

    i stop at a rest stop on I 35 right befor oklahoma city and the only area they allow pets to go is nothing but sticker burrs i had to spend 20 minutes pulling out of my poor lil schnazers paws, beard and legs. puls i had to go really bad and they had the restrooms shut off and had portapotys :( ewwwy ….. so needless to say the rest stop was not pet or human friendly!

  5. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    What can be done to get more fenced areas for dogs @ rest areas. I travel about 50000 miles a year with my dog and would like him to be able to “stretch” his legs when we stop for a break. Sure you can walk him on a leash but he doesn’t get to run his energy off before back into the car. On I 10 from CA to FL, i haven’t seen any with fences for animals. Any suggestions?

  6. Marilyn says:

    i15 just outside of las Vegas on the way to AZ. Rest stop with a large fenced area for dogs. it’s worth the extra miles to get to my destination just for my 3 Goldies to be ables to get out and play ball and run some steam off!

  7. Jean says:

    We travel a lot between Denver and Missoula, MT – does anyone know of a fenced in or large site that is good for exercising dogs? The Guernsey exit in WY has a great open area but we have to keep a sharp eye out for rabbits, prairie dogs and the like that would be enticing for our pup.

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