Franktown CO: 1st Annual Gala will be a Howling Good Time

The first annual Friends of Douglas County K-99 fundraising gala, Howling Good Time, will be held at Cielo at Castle Pines on October 12, 2011 at 6 PM. The event will feature a tribute to two retiring K-9 Unit dogs, a live auction and an introduction to the newly formed non-profit organization, Friends of Douglas County K-9. Noted comedian and veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald will emcee the event.

This year, the Douglas County Sheriffs K-9 Unit will be retiring two dogs, K-9 Axel and K-9 Leon. With the exception of deputy salaries and vehicles, the K-9 Unit is funded almost solely through donations. With two dogs retiring, donations are necessary in order to purchase new dogs, fund their training and outfit them with safety gear.

Hosted by Friends of Douglas County K-9, Howling Good Time will directly benefit the Douglas County Sheriffs K-9 Unit by raising funds to provide for Axel and Leon; purchase new animals and appropriate safety gear; and provide for ongoing training and maintenance.

These are incredible animals, said Dr. David Swieckowski, D.V.M., a Friends of Douglas County K-9 board member. They can search a building in minutes, decreasing the risk of danger for the deputies. They visit and search school facilities, creating a proactive law enforcement presence They provide a unique and extremely efficient law enforcement service to the community.

A new K-9 Unit dog can cost $12,000, without training or safety equipment. In addition, retired K-9 Unit dogs must receive proper care and rehabilitation to adjust to life outside of the Unit. In total, a K-9 dog may cost upwards of $40,000 over its lifetime.

For almost seven years I had a partner that would do anything for me, that would protect me – no matter the situations I put him in said Deputy Paul Montville, handler for retiring K-9 Leon. Without hesitation or question, he would lay down his life so that I could go home again, so that a son could have a father, a wife a husband, a mother a son. Words can never truly express a relationship like that.

Tables and individual tickets for the gala are available for immediate purchase at Tickets to the event entitle attendees to a cocktail hour, plated dinner, premier of the Friends of Douglas County K-9 video, retirement ceremony to honor Axel and Leon, and a live auction.

The live auction will feature items donated by the Douglas County Sheriffs Department, including a ride-along with a K-9 Deputy and his dog, a K-9 training day observation, a SWAT training day observation, and more. Commemorative K-9 Kups will also be available for $40, which are filled with gift certificates and coupons donated by local businesses. The value of the contents of each K-9 Kup can be anywhere from $50 to $800.

The Douglas County Sherriffs Office is grateful and appreciative for all the hard work and dedication of the Friends of Douglas County K9, said Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver. It is truly an inspiration to see the commitment from the community in support of this program. Its continued dedication will no doubt have a profound effect on the success of this program.

For event information, to purchase tickets, make a donation or to learn more about Friends of Douglas County K-9, visit

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