New York State Reduces Access to Campgrounds for Dogs

Do you have multiple dogs and plan to camp at any of New York State’s campgrounds this year? If you care for more than two canine companions, you’re in for big disappointment.

For 2012, New York State has instituted a new two dog limit per campsite rule — in response to what it described as numerous complaints from campers and campground administrators. Right now, your only options are to exclude one or more of your furry friends from an excursion (unthinkable) or reserve more than one campsite (pricey).

Like most responsible dog owners, we get frustrated with inconsiderate folks who don’t keep Fido on a leash, or refuse to clean up after him, or allow unreasonable barking. But how those real issues have any correlation to the number of dogs at a campsite is beyond us. Whether an irresponsible owner has one dog or six, the problem remains.

If you’re like us, one of the primary reasons we camp is because our dogs are part of the family. And camping is a great vacation for every family member, whether they walk on two legs or four. Mix in one of the many outstanding New York State camping facilities, and a relaxing, successful vacation is almost guaranteed. Well, that used to be the recipe, at any rate.

We have spoken with the Office of Rose Harvey, Commissioner of New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and Governor Cuomo’s legal counsel. Both areas informed us that all parks will enforce the new rule, and there is no room for discretion from camp administrators. We respectfully argued that a two dog limit won’t stop irresponsible owners. More distressingly, it punishes owners with more than two dogs who have always followed the rules and been respectful camping neighbors. If you are interested in signing a petition on this issue, go to this petition site:

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