Raw Dog Food in Hawaii

This was received from a reader on Oahu, Hawaii who sells raw dog food on the island. Contact them for more information.

I wanted to let you know that I have a raw dog food business in Kaneohe that delivers anywhere on Oahu. My site is www.rawdoghawaii.com and all my feeds are USDA grade or better. I also have Kualoa grass-fed beef, green venison tripe, organic vegetables, and organic kelp and alfalfa powders in my feeds. I also supply raw meaty bones of different varieties. If this is of interest to your members, I’d love to help. I couldn’t find any producers of raw feeds so I did it my self and now friends and family have gotten me to a point of doing it full time. I can be reached at 808-497-7711 if I can provide any information you might need. I do not have a storefront but provide food delivery anywhere on the island of Oahu.

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