From A Reader: Reminder about New Jersey’s Pet Buckle Up Law

Your site is very helpful regarding dog friendly places to take my buddy. However it would also be helpful if you would list some less friendly restrictions such as New Jersey’s seat belt law for dogs for people who drive. My friend was traveling through NJ and was heavily fined (2 fines actually, one for each of her 2 dogs) when after letting her dogs out (on leashes) do do their business appropriately in a dog friendly area, an officer approached her after she put her dogs back in the car and fined her because she did not have a seat belt for each of them. When traveling by car in NJ, Dogs have to be seat belted or crated so they won’t be thrown into the driver compartment in an accident. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find out if a gated type separator in a van would qualify.
People traveling would be grateful to know which states have such laws so they may be prepared (or avoid those states) when traveling across several states.
Thank you.

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