Incredible Therapy Dog–Koko the Labradoodle

Steven Herz always wanted a dog growing up, but never had the chance until he met his chocolate labradoodle named Koko. Koko was the first mixed breed to receive the honor of the American Kennel Club’s new certified working therapy dog title, ThD. “Having Koko to enjoy for myself would have been enough, but to be able to share her with thousands of others through therapy work is remarkable,” said Steven. Her therapy efforts have taken her to 35 different facilities in New Jersey. For more info and a video on Koko visit

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  1. Mark Meizner says:

    The Marriott Courtyard does not allow dogs in many of its locations, in San Diego (City and MIssion Bay/Liberty Station) none do and the one in Valencia CA. does not. These are specific facilities and were contacted recently. Therefore, why do they advertise in the way that they do, and why do you not check it out before you post that they do.

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