Dog People Can Make A Custom Dog Play Toy with PrideBite

The PrideBite dog toy considered to be the “Future of Plush” is a light weight, interactive, and versatile play toy stuffed with foam! Each play toy is crafted with two layers of soft DURABITE™ fleece with a rip stop technology sewn between the layers, two encased squeakers, and an inner stuffing made of soft foam. The PrideBite is great for both indoor and outdoor playtime as each play toy floats in the water and is machine washable. All toys are carefully crafted with these features to create an amazing interactive play toy for dogs – The future of plush play toys for dogs are here!

Beginning May 7th, consumers will be able to design and produce their choice of play toys for their furry best friends. The process will be an easy one–Step one: customers will be able to choose a shape, either in the form of a person or a disc. Second, they will be able to customize each play toy by uploading a picture and voila! Every dog can have a customized play toy!

PrideBites was founded in Los Angeles by four guys under the age of 25 who took their passion for dogs to the next level. The founders introduced the “Buy a Toy, Help Save a Dog” movement. Their mission was to have every dog take PRIDE in the quality of their play toys by having fun with a more durable foam play too instead of a cotton one, all while giving back to the pet community. For every play toy sold, PrideBites donates to animal shelters and other organizations that help dogs in need.


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