India: Under the Mango Tree: A Pet-Friendly Restaurant

A cozy arena that is a welcome amalgamation of a cafe and a restaurant, Under the Mango Tree has had the ‘breakfast with pets’ program going on for over two years now. Innovative, and definitely more than a little unconventional, the ‘Breakfast with pets’ concept started with the owner Nirmala Balakrishnan, who began bringing her pet to the cafe, set amidst green foliage, with plenty of open space.

Watching her bring the pet, her customers wanted to know if they could bring theirs, and Nirmala Under the Mango Tree, “I did not see any reason for saying no. This is a fairly prevalent concept in the western countries, however, in India nobody really seems to have done it before. With plenty of open space, and a quiet lane where we won’t be disturbing anyone, Under the Mango Tree is perfectly conducive to being a pet friendly restaurant.” And so the word began to spread.

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