A Dog’s Tourguide to Denver Colorado

Warning – Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes are not allowed in Denver and some suburbs

Dinosaur Ridge Denver

Dinosaur Ridge Denver

Denver was founded in 1858 to supply miners in the Rockies. Due to its relatively mild climate when compared with the higher Rockies Denver grew fast. In 1876 Denver became Colorado’s State Capital. Denver is located on the high plains at an altitude of 5,280 feet which is why it is known as the “Mile High City”. Denver has some dog-friendly attractions and things to do with your dog. The city, however, has the strictest anti pit-bull laws in the country and should be avioided by anyone with a a pit bull or any mixed breed that can be confused with a pit bull. This unfortunate law, established in 1989, effectively bans about 10 percent of dogs from visiting the city, or residing there.


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