Columbus Ohio needs to join the rest of us in allowing Dogs on Restaurant Patios

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Columbus Ohio Health Inspectors are banning dogs from outdoor patios citing state law. However, this has gone on in various cities since when was started in 1998.
They do not need to. It’s an excuse. For more on this and how it can be viewed – see’s article at:
Ideally, Ohio should join the vast majority of people in the U.S. to clearly state that pet dogs are allowed in outdoor patios if the establishment allows it. This is not a health department issue. It should be up to the restaurant owners to set policy.

Our dog eating on a restaurant patio
See here our list of U.S. restaurants that not only allow dogs to accompany you on their patio but have a special menu just for the dogs.

Article from Columbus Dispatch:

When dog owners go out to have fun these days, many are taking Fido with them.
That’s the consensus of pet advocates who see the country in the midst of a cultural shift in its relationships with four-legged friends.
Throughout central Ohio and well beyond, they say, dog owners in particular are clamoring for activities that they and their pooches can enjoy together.
“They want the best for their dogs, and they want their dog to be a part of their life,” said Laura Pakis, founder and owner of the Blacklick dog-training business Acme Canine.
Underscoring that sentiment was the outcry that arose after the Columbus health department, responding to several public complaints, sent a letter in May to restaurant owners reminding them that allowing dogs on outdoor patios violates the state health code.
Columbus doesn’t have a related ordinance, said Jose Rodriguez, spokesman for the city health department, and is obligated to enforce the state law.
The outrage over the letter prompted at least two online petitions and pending legislation in the Ohio House seeking to change state law to allow dogs on restaurant patios.

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“I think it’s just nice to have a dog in the area,” said Pakis, 62, who initiated one of the petitions. “Let them be a part of the environment, too.”

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