Columbus Ohio: Businesses Rally Behind Bill Allowing Pups On Patios

Until recently, dogs could be found on the patio at the Land Grant Brewery in Columbus any time the weather was nice. But not at the moment.

The Columbus Health Department sent out letters to restaurants and bars early this summer, saying it is against state law to allow dogs on patios. Julie Keys, Land Grant’s marketing coordinator, says a lot of customers are put in the position of choosing to go to her business or stay with their dogs.
Often, she says, the latter wins, especially when customers have worked away from their pooches all day. Keys says rescue groups and humane societies are losing out too since this recent crackdown.

“This issue is really important to us, not just because collectively here at Land Grant, we are dog lovers and dog owners but it’s also important to us because we are animal advocates,” Keys says. “So, as an example, we have held events here at the brewery to raise money for different non-profits.”
Keys says that this spring, Land Grant hosted a “Pups ‘n’ Pints” event that raised over $3,500 for the Capital Area Humane Society.
The Westerman Family Foundation provides support to animal rescue groups statewide. Luke Westerman, the foundation’s director, says many dogs were also adopted during the patio events.
He says Ohio’s law preventing pups on the patio is out of step with the rest of the nation.


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