A New Dating Website Looks to Help Dog Owners Find Love


Dating is hard enough without having to factor in the real love of your life, your puppy. The web is filled with sad stories of couples who hit a wall because one of them just doesn’t really love the other’s dog. The result is either heartbreak, or worse-case scenario a dog who ends up in a shelter (please don’t do this!). Well, now a site is looking to change this.
There’s a new dating site online that’s just for dog lovers. HotDiggiddy, “where dog lovers find love,” is a place for dog lovers (and their dogs) to meet, whether for a date, to arrange a doggie playdate or just to find a group of dog-loving friends.
The site is the brainchild of Scott Murray, who’s been ruminating about a dog-friendly dating site for more than a decade. The idea remained just an idea for about eight years, Murray says, as life, kids, and career kept him busy. “About two years ago, I decided that it was time for HotDiggiddy to become the place ‘where dog lovers find love,’” he says.

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