Ron Hevener Launches Collection of “Animals and Their People”

Animal lover Ron Hevener, whose popular column “On With The Show!” reaches millions of pet households, says his new line of collectible figurines will “remind us of the good times.”

Hevener, raised in the farm country of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, rose to fame designing merchandise from his stories about people and their animals. His lively and fun-filled novels about dog shows, horse shows and racing inspire pet lovers world-wide.

The new figurines of people and their pets are his “most important work to date,” says the artist. “I hope the world can feel love from these portrayals of good and sentimental times.”

It’s a daring move for the designer, who believes there is a deeper war facing us than anything being waged in the name of Homeland Security. “The real war isn’t being fought with guns and helicopters,” he says. “It’s being fought in class rooms, media and courts of law threatened by our power to love. They’re scared of the emotional range we develop by raising animals and what it awakens in us,” he says. “Well, I’m not.”

You can find out more at Ron Hevener’s Website

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