’s Dog Travel Club makes all Ebooks available for one subscription has packaged all five of its current Ebooks into a dog travel club. By signing up once, for $12.95 per year, you can download any of the ebooks made available to club members. Currently, there are five Ebooks available to members. Members will sign up for a username and password so that they may access the ebooks for one year’s time. Members may download and save the ebooks on their computers and may print the ebooks. If ebooks are added to the Dog Travel Club during the one year then those ebooks will also be available to current members.

To access the Ebooks, first you purchase a membership at this link for’s Dog Travel Club. Once you purchase the membership you can then sign up for access to the ebooks at the link at .

The five current ebooks available to members are:
-’s United States and Canada Dog Friendly Highway Lodging Guide
-’s Lodging Guide for Travelers with More than One Dog
-’s Midwest and Southern States Dog Travel Guide
-’s Central States Dog Travel Guide
-’s Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico Dog Travel Guide

For More information or to sign up go to this link

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