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You recommend places directly to fellow travelers with dogs. would like to hear from you – and so would your fellow dog owners who love to take their dogs with them. If you know of a pet-friendly restaurant (specify indoor or outdoor seating for people with dogs), Attractions such as pet-friendly boat tour, bus tour, walking tour, museum, park, beaches, shopping centers or stores or any other pet-friendly place please let us know by commenting this entry. Please remember to specify the country and city and as much information as you can to identify the location along with your description. For our Worldwide Travel Guides see our pet-friendly worldwide travel guides. Entries from visitors to dog-friendly places or owners or employees of places may submit recommendations.

* Note: This list is for pet-friendly places other than hotels, RV parks and lodging. Please go to the following location to enter these properties.

* Note: These entries below by viewers and readers to the website are not verified by researchers. Only listings in’s Travel Guides are checked by reviewers periodically.

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  1. Emee says:

    In New Hampshire, be sure to check out Beaver Brook nature center. They are located at 117 Ridge Rd, Hollis, NH 03049, which is easily accessible to areas near Milford, Brookline and Nashua. They have 35 miles of trails which cross wetlands, forest and meadows. Open year round, there are some breath taking views and trails which range from easy to challenging. They loan out snowshoes and crampons for winter hikes and have a range of programs including weekly fitness hiking with dogs (even in winter). There are also some dog friendly events. This is a “carry out” facility – you take your dog’s waste with you, and dogs must be leashed. Check out their website at

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