Visit WWW.VETLIVE.COM For 24 Hour Advise From Licensed Veterinarians has launched, ushering in a new standard in pet care by offering an opportunity for pet owners to ask questions, get a second opinion, or chat live from the comfort of their own home, whenever they want, all at an affordable price. Husband and wife Veterinarian team Dr. Jed and Dr. Laci Schaible saw the need for such a service and decided to fill that need. Unlike other online services, all the experts at are hand-selected, accredited veterinarians with active licenses, and are personally reviewed and rated by real pet owners.

“We felt it was time for pet owners to take control of their pet’s health and healthcare spending,” explains Dr. Jed Schaible. “With our newly launched, if you have a question, want to chat with a veterinarian, or if you need a second opinion, all you have to do is simply grab your laptop to get answers instead of making a costly appointment, waiting for that appointment, and transporting and stressing your pet, and your wallet.” Dr. Laci Schaible, his wife and partner adds, “the site gives pet owners the option to upload pictures of their pet’s problem and medical documents to be reviewed by real veterinarians. For only a small fee, pet owners can get answers to questions though live chats, emails or text messages.”

Together, through the experience of navigating the confusing and costly hospital healthcare system for their beloved family dog Madison, after learning she had terminal cancer, Jed and Laci realized how overwhelming, confusing, and expensive veterinary medicine can be for pet owners.

“Your pet can’t talk so all the decisions fall on you,” explained Dr. Jed.

“Six months after Madison died, we realized there was a need for pet owners to have a way to communicate and interact with veterinarians without the drawbacks that are tied to an office visit,” Dr. Laci expanded, “a need for pet owners to have sound unbiased guidance for their pet’s health care beyond their busy veterinarian with office hours.”

The couple decided to fill that need with, thereby enabling pet parents to be effective advocates for their pet’s health.

One core principal to the VetLIVE mission is charity. VetLIVE offers pet owners the opportunity to donate one dollar or more at checkout. These funds are collected and donated to pet charities that pet owners choose from a list that includes charities such as “Days End Horse Rescue” and “American Humane Association.”

Visit to ask a question, register a pet, upload photos or medical documents, chat live with a licensed veterinarian, receive a second opinion, obtain nutritional counseling,, and much more. Prices range from $12.95 to $34.95 and can be paid through Google Checkout or PayPal.

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