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Calling All Dogs in NJ for a FairyTAIL Weekend!

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Coming This September 7 and 8.

In a not so far away kingdom called Woodstown, NJ, there exists a place called Salem County Fairgrounds, where a festival for dogs and dog lovers, takes place every year. Dogs from near and far away lands come with their human friends to enjoy the magic of Fido’s Festival USA®.

That’s right we said ALL DOGS. Restrictions—None! No breeding papers required. You can’t help who your parents are. All are welcome at Fido’s Festival USA® an all-inclusive dog festival. Come on out because this is your time to shine, and you don’t even need a pedicure or a frilly bow! This year we have planned a fairyTAIL themed festival that will include storybook themed contests. Show off your special talent, compete in a Frisbee contest, and dress as your favorite storybook character for our costume contest. It doesn’t matter if you are an adopted stray or a champion at Westminster, as long as you’re a dog you belong at Fido’s Festival USA®.

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