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Need a cure for a bad day? Adorable puppies always do the trick.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Videos of puppies have been known to relieve stress and increase concentration.

And now you can get them on demand! Animal Planet L!VE features live video of puppies anytime you like.

They also have 11 live cameras of everything from baby chicks, calves and whales to penguins and kittens.

Animals as Human Saviors in Animal Planet’s Series “Saved”

Monday, November 14th, 2011

People in Peril Find Salvation Through Deep Bonds With Their Pets

A man contemplating suicide never could have dreamed that a four-pound dachshund would save his life. And, the death of a young American soldier shattered the hopes and dreams of the family and fiancée he left behind, but one stray puppy helped put the pieces of their lives back together.

Beginning Monday, November 14, at 8 PM ET/PT, Animal Planet brings viewers SAVED, a six-part series that uplifts spirits and proves that animals have the power to transform human lives. Each story reveals people eclipsed by their darkest hours who then find light and hope in the purest of forms – animals. Some might call it divine intervention; others might call it a miracle as every animal in SAVED gives his/her human family the greatest gift of all: a second chance at life.
“We all have heard stories where animals are heroes in the physical sense, rescuing people from a fire or a near drowning,” says Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet. “The stories that haven’t been told are the ones where animals save us in the emotional sense, and that’s where SAVED comes in. Each story shows how pets extraordinarily bond with their owners, breaking through emotional barriers and giving them new meaning and purpose in life.

“I wouldn’t be alive today if it were not for my dachshund, Sammy Davis,” says Patrick Major of Castro Valley, California, who has been battling illnesses all his life. Born with an incurable bone and muscle disease, Patrick is forced to wear leg braces while he walks. To add to his struggle, Patrick was diagnosed with kidney disease, which drove him into a deep depression, nearly destroying his will to live. In an attempt to boost his spirits, Patrick’s girlfriend pleaded
with him to adopt a dog. In the beginning, Patrick wanted nothing to do with Sammy Davis. However, as time passed, he realized that Sammy Davis was more than just a dog…he was his 2-2-2 -moreguardian angel. Sammy Davis did everything in his power to get Patrick up and out of bed, forcing him to take control of his life.

Army Spc. Justin Rollins was killed in Iraq. But on the last day of his life, he was overjoyed when he and his unit found 15 stray puppies outside an Iraqi police station. The unit snapped photos of themselves with the puppies, which Justin planned to send to Brittney, his fiancée. Unfortunately, he was killed in combat before getting the chance. Shortly after, Brittney received the photos from a unit sergeant’s girlfriend and shared them with Justin’s parents. Seeing Justin smiling with the pups and recognizing his genuine happiness, Justin’s parents and Brittney knew they had to find these puppies and bring one home immediately. But even before receiving the puppy that was going to join her family, Rhonda selected the name – Hero – in honor of Justin’s bravery. “I really believe Justin saved Hero’s life, and in turn, Hero saved us,” says Justin’s mother, Rhonda Rollins. “I wanted that puppy from Iraq. I wanted the one my son held. It’s the last thing that gave him a bit of happiness the night he was killed.”

Other SAVED stories include a Yorkshire terrier that saved a traumatized child in the aftermath of 9/11, as well as a Dalmatian that helped a family cope with the loss of firefighter sons who responded to the attack on the Twin Towers. In addition, episodes of SAVED features a young man who escaped the violence of gang life through a deep love of horses and a veteran whose German shepherd helped him deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.
SAVED is produced by Picture Shack for Animal Planet. George Plamondon, Betsy Schechter and Michael Rosen are executive producers for Picture Shack. For Animal Planet,

SAVED is developed and produced by Vaibhav Bhatt.

Pet Expos Around the Country: ‘Pit Boss’ Shorty Rossi is ‘Amazing’ Expo Spokesperson

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Amazing Pet Expos announces Shorty Rossi, Star of the Hit Show ‘Pit Boss’ on Animal Planet, as Their New Spokesperson

Pet lovers in 17 different cities should get their four-legged friends ready for an Amazing Pet Expo coming their way soon. This free indoor event attracts thousands of pet lovers looking to enjoy a day out with their furry, feathered or reptilian pals! Now pet lovers have one more reason to attend these events: the addition of Shorty Rossi, star of of the hit show ‘Pit Boss’ on Animal Planet, as company spokesperson.

Shorty Rossi, star of ‘Pit Boss’ on Animal Planet will be making appearances with his popular canine sidekick, Hercules, at most of the Amazing Pet Expos. Rossi has a special passion that has been a major part of his life since he was a teenager – championing the cause of pit bulls. When Rossi isn’t managing Shortywood Productions, a company that works with little people in the entertainment industry or filming ‘Pit Boss,’ he’s working with Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue, a charity he formed that rescues, rehabilitates and places neglected and abused pit bulls in loving, nurturing homes. Shorty’s Rescue is not a shelter or a charity; its employees work tirelessly to help relieve the suffering of and prevent cruelty to pit bulls through education and activism.

Courtney Rydstrom, director of show production for the expos explain, “We are so proud that Shorty has endorsed Amazing Pet Expos and come on board as our spokesperson. Education, advocacy and pet adoption are key components at all of our shows and both Shorty and Hercules serve as incredible ambassadors for animals.”

So what exactly is an Amazing Pet Expo? It’s a free one-day event for the whole family, including your favorite pet buddy, which can be your pooch or your bird or even your lizard. Packed with local and nationally-recognized veterinarians, groomers, trainers, retailers and organizations primarily geared towards pet lovers, these shows offer something for everyone. Whether you’d like to learn, shop, play or adopt, this is an event you won’t want to miss! In fact, more than 70,000 pet lovers have attended an Amazing Pet Expo so far this year.

Rydstrom adds, “A lot of people don’t realize all of the pet-friendly resources available to them in their communities and our goal is to help get that information out there. It’s a fun-filled day for pet owners – or those who’d one day like to be!”

The average Amazing Pet Expo has 165 exhibitors, a dozen sponsors, all-day agility/canine musical freestyle/doxie derby/flyball trials, workshops and seminars, low-cost vaccinations, includes a mega-adoption event with more than 250 pets available for adoption, low-cost or free spay/neuter, training tips, a pet costume contest and more than 11,000 attendees.

Currently scheduled expos include the Bay Area Pet Expo (San Jose, CA), Vegas Pet Expo (Las Vegas, NV), South Florida Pet Expo (West Palm Beach), Houston Pet Expo (TX), Phoenix Pet Expo (AZ), Charlotte Pet Expo (NC), Windy City Pet Expo (Chicago, IL), San Antonio Pet Expo (TX), Denver Pet Expo (CO), New England Pet Expo (Boston, MA), Austin Pet Expo (TX), St. Louis Pet Expo (MO), Atlanta Pet Expo (GA), Tampa Bay Pet Expo (Tampa, FL), Dallas Pet Expo (TX), Anchorage Pet Expo (AK) and Portland Pet Expo (OR).

All shows are indoors, free and the general public may bring their pets. Pet lovers are invited to visit for links to individual event websites and Facebook pages.