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NY: Puppy Manners Class at Downtown Doghouse

Monday, March 19th, 2012

All dog owners face challenges, particularly when their new dog is a young puppy. Stacy Alldredge will help owners face those challenges in her Puppy Manners Class, which will be held at Downtown Doghouse on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7PM.

“We are stylists, but we are frequently asked for advice about housebreaking, crate training, obedience, chewing­ you name it.” Nancy Chinchar, owner of Downtown Doghouse, explained. “We see many first time dog owners with their new puppies and they are overwhelmed. I want to help them get some relief.” Stacy Alldredge was also aware of the need for good puppy-raising advice. “There are often more issues with puppy-raising than new dog owners anticipate. Sometimes people who are trying to train their pups on their own run into problem areas. I wanted to offer new dog owners real life strategies and answers to how to get their dog to be well-mannered and happy.” She stated.

The class will be offered at 7PM on Tuesday, March 27th. It will cover nipping, chewing, jumping, preventing aggression and anxiety, housetraining ­ from crate to freedom, diet and exercise, and the misuse of corrections. There will be significant time allotted for questions and answers. Attendance at the seminar will be limited to 10 people (and their social dogs) so that each student can obtain the personal attention his situation requires. The cost for attending the class is $55

Downtown Doghouse is located at 168 Ninth Ave, New York, NY, 10011. 212.924.5300. Downtown Doghouse, Pet Salon & Boutique offers spa style
grooming for cats and dogs, handstripping and unique pet accessories. Downtown Doghouse has been featured on Anderson and in such publications as Gotham Magazine and New York Magazine. They can be found online on Facebook, Twitter, or at .