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Acclaimed Cartoonist Guy Gilchrist’s “Today’s Dogg” Now Available

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

FastPencil announced today that award-winning cartoonist and children’s book author Guy Gilchrist’s book, “The Best of Today’s Dogg,” is available in print and digital formats in major bookstores and online, with a portion of proceeds being donated by Gilchrist to pet organizations. Gilchrist, who signed with FastPencil PREMIERE last fall, is part of a growing number of best-selling authors signing with PREMIERE for its speed to press, wider market reach, higher author royalties and greater transparency throughout the publishing process.

“All through my life, personally and professionally, I’ve been associated with children and animals. Children and animals are so honest,” said Guy Gilchrist. “‘Today’s Dogg’ is about that honesty. It’s the most fun I can have writing and drawing. I realized early that this feature wasn’t going to be like anything else I’ve ever done. It really touched people, and now I am beyond ecstatic that the book is available to everyone.”

“The Best of Today’s Dogg” is an amusing, collectible edition of the best of Gilchrist’s well-received, syndicated “Today’s Dogg” cartoon that is designed to touch the heart of anyone who loves dogs and pets and how they enhance our lives with friendship, trust, affection and laughs. Gilchrist masters the art of incorporating the universal unconditional love for canines and inability to resist the sniffing, begging, slobbering and shedding of dogs in “Today’s Dogg.”

FastPencil is also releasing an enhanced e-book, which will contain “Today’s Dogg” cartoons, along with a heart-rendering recording and video of “Take Me Home,” a major national release sung by Grammy-nominated singer Jamie O’Neal and written by Gilchrist and Joel Brentlinger, an acclaimed songwriter and lyricist.

A portion of proceeds from the book will be donated to various grassroots animal rescue groups such as Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) – an international animal rescue organization founded by Scotlund Haisley. ARC is a nonprofit protection organization that rescues animals that have fallen victim to abuse and natural disaster, creates public awareness of animal suffering and offers training and assessments for animal shelters, professionals and volunteers.

“I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing project with Guy and Joel and especially ‘Today’s Dogg,’” said Jamie O’Neal. “The drawings, writing and the song are tremendous! It means the world to me to sing ‘Take Me Home,’ knowing it will help these furry angels!”

“Personally, I am a huge fan of Guy Gilchrist and the team he has assembled for his book ‘Best of Today’s Dogg’ and song ‘Take Me Home,’” said Elaine Hendrix, Actress and ARC Founding Officer. “They each speak to me in profound ways. Professionally, I could not be more proud to be working together. I am grateful that Animal Rescue Corps can share in these incredible creations and save a lot of precious lives in the process.”

Gilchrist has authored 48 children’s books and has written and illustrated the comic strip “Nancy,” as well as “The Muppets,” “Your Angels Speak,” “Night Lights & Pillow Fights,” “Screams,” “The Poetry Guy” and “The Rock Channel.” His “Nancy” cartoon is syndicated and runs in more than 350 newspapers in 80 different countries. His “Tiny Dinos” children’s book line, published by Warner Communications, sold millions of copies in numerous countries across the globe. He was also the character designer for “Tom & Jerry,” “Pink Panther,” “Looney Tunes” and Disney.

“It has been outstanding to see this huge partnership occur among FastPencil PREMIERE, Guy Gilchrist, Jamie O’Neal, Joel Brentlinger and Animal Rescue Corps in creating this very special book and e-book,” said Steve Wilson, CEO and co-founder of FastPencil. “We have really enjoyed working with all parties on the book as it’s inspiring to see the passion for animals.”

Pricing & Availability
“The Best of Today’s Dogg” is now available at FastPencil ( and at most major bookstores, online retailers such as Amazon and the Apple iBookstore for $19.95 ­ as well as in e-book format for $9.99.
“Take Me Home” can also be viewed at