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Top 200 Places: St Augustine’s Fountain of Youth

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Fountain of Youth
11 Magnolia Ave.
St Augustine,

Tradition has it that The Fountain of Youth is the exact spot where the Spanish Explorer Ponce de Leon landed on April 2, 1513. He met the Timucuan Indians who at the time had an unusally long life span that averaged about 90 years. The Spanish at the time had a much shorter life span average. The water that the Indians drank became known as the “fountain of youth”. Of course, the Indians longer life span could have had something to do with their healthy seafood diet and their active lifestyle. Today this park offers exhibits of early Timucuan Indians and Sixteenth Century Spaniards. At the park you can stroll along the gardens, explore excavations, view exhibits, presentations and a planetarium. In the Spring House, both people and pets can take a sip of the famous “Fountain of Youth” water. A guide will hand out samples of the water in little paper cups. The water has a very strong mineral taste. Well-behaved leashed pets are welcome both outside and inside the buildings.

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