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PetSafe ‘Bark for Your Park’ contest promotes Dog Safe Communities

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Nominate your city to win a $100,000 dog park

Can a dog park transform a community? One pet-loving company believes so.

PetSafe, a leading innovator in pet behavior and lifestyle solutions, is offering its second annual “Bark for Your Park” contest. Last year, Huntington, W. Va., was named “top dog” and won a $100,000 dog park through the nationwide contest. This year, the contest is bigger and better: In addition to the $100,000 grand prize for one U.S. city to build a local dog park, two additional pet-passionate finalist cities will receive $25,000 to put toward their dog park plans.

“In these times of economic distress, and minimal civic resources, it is a great relief to have a member of the corporate sector step up to not only fill a void, but to help make dreams come true by helping communities in need,” said Kevin Brady, executive director of the Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District. “That’s what PetSafe did. We were ‘barking’ for a dog park, and PetSafe heard us.

“But we gained a lot more than winning an off-leash park for our dogs. We gained a source of pride, more green space to enjoy, a place for socialization and fellowship, an opportunity for increased healthy activity for owners and their pets, and a resource to encourage responsible pet ownership in our community. It was a win-win-win all around.”

Dog parks enhance the pet ownership experience in a community, which helps encourage pet adoptions and foster healthy pet-owner relationships, according to Randy Boyd, president and CEO of PetSafe.

Boyd added, “We strongly believe that dog parks can help decrease animal homelessness and euthanasia in that community. Not only are dog owners across America asking for off-leash parks to encourage play, exercise and socialization, we know these dog parks have a positive and lasting effect on the communities as a whole.”

While the contest kicks off May 1, PetSafe encourages community members to start planning early as the “Bark for Your Park” contest will be largely driven by community support. Citizens and pet owners across the U.S. are encouraged to visit to nominate their city starting May 1 and to vote every day for their favorite city to move forward in the contest. Once your city has been nominated, PetSafe will review the availability of land and civic leaders’ support. For the best chance to become a finalist, a city should excel in all three categories of land availability, support from civic leaders and community votes.

On June 15, PetSafe will select 15 finalist communities to produce a video and continue “barking” for their park. The finalist city with the most votes will receive $100,000 to build a PetSafe dog park. The runner-up and the city with the highest percentage of votes to its population will each receive $25,000. Winners will be announced on August 3.

“We expect animal lovers and community leaders across the U.S. will work together to achieve their goal for a community dog park, so we encourage everyone to start getting involved today,” Boyd said. “We want to hear every U.S. city ‘bark’ for their park!”

For more information about the PetSafe “Bark for Your Park” contest and ideas on how to get your community involved, visit

TV: Portlandia at the Dog Park

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

This scene at a dog park is from the hit comedy series Portlandia, starring Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live) and Carrie Brownstein (Wild Flag, Sleater-Kinney), premiered its second season a couple of weeks ago. One of the sketches featured this season takes place at a Dog Park.
Here is the link to the Dog Park clip:

Portlandia airs on Fridays at 10/9c on IFC.

Top 200 Places: North Dakota’s National Grasslands

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Little Missouri National Grasslands
1901 S Main Street W
Watford City,
North Dakota 58854

Covering more than one million acres, these grasslands are home to a wide selection of natural resources and wildlife and afford visitors a variety of recreational and educational opportunities. They intermingle with National Forest and other state or private lands; plus there are interpretive sites, camp areas, and picnic sites along the way. Dogs are allowed in the grasslands area and do not have to be leashed if they respond to voice control. Dogs must be leashed when they are on National Forest or private land. There is also a southern Ranger District at 99 23rd Avenue W, Suite B, in Dickinson, ND; 701-227-7800.

Top 200 Places, with tens of thousands of places listed to take your dog to, will be releasing on it’s Dog News blog, Facebook page and on Twitter a list of 200 Top Places that you can take your dog in the U.S. and Canada. This list, while intended to highlight top places that are especially pet-friendly, is not designed to be the absolutely top 200 places that we could find, but a sampling of the top places so that all regions, types of attractions, hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, parks, beaches, shopping and more can be considered. No doubt each of you will find many other places not on this list or our full list of dog-friendly places at Please let us know about them by commenting on the blog or emailing us at You can also let us and our readers know if you agree or disagree with the selections, or your experiences there. Please keep in mind that places often change their policies regarding dogs and thus may have different policies at any time in the future.

The blog entries can be found at, our Facebook page, or Twitter.