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Security Dogs Taking The Place of Personal Body Guards

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

California K9 Academy Has Been Offering Training and Top Quality Personal Protection Dogs to the Public Since 1969

Today, celebrities, corporations and other VIPs are turning to Personal Protection Dogs for their safety, rather than hiring human body guards. A Personal Protection Dog is a well trained canine used to guard against, and watch for, unwanted or unexpected people or animals as well as sniff out possible threats such as bombs. Many Personal Protection Dog owners say their well trained canine gives them a sense of protection far greater than another human can offer. Plus, they get the benefit of having a best friend in their dog.

That trend is no surprise to Yaiza Magdalena, Owner and Director of California K9 Academy, Los Angeles. Yaiza is a board-certified dog trainer and a member of practically every organization her industry has to offer. Her state-of-the-art facility has played host to Diplomats, more than a few movie stars and even the occasional Prince.

“Personal Protection Dogs offer individuals and corporations the true sense of calm they desire in today’s crazy world,” explains the petite Yaiza. “One of the earliest duties of the domestic dog was guarding the property of its owners, but there is a big distinction between Personal Protection Dogs and watch dogs. A watch dog simply watches the home and alerts others to an intruder by barking. In many cases, however, a watch dog alone is not sufficient. A Personal Protection Dog not only watches and alerts but also threatens the intruder to the point of retreat. That’s where we come into the picture. We train dogs to restrain or attack the intruder while at the same time remaining a loving dog for the family.”

California K9 Academy has dedicated over 35 years to excellence in the dog industry. On any given day visiting the facility, you might stumble across a trainer working a Police K9 or a new puppy learning the basic obedience commands. The Academy offers K9 programs in security, as well as obedience. California K9 also has developed strong relationships with top International breeders, thus assuring access to the best dogs and puppies the world has to offer. Obedience training starts at $3500 for four weeks. Clients turn to California K9 Academy with their own dog or for help in selecting the right puppy for their lifestyle and needs, from a 4 pound Maltese, to a 200 pound Saint Bernard.

Most dog owners already know, or soon discover that they do not want to become dog trainers themselves. The California K9 Academy in-kennel training program, conducted by trainers who have proven their abilities on a National and International level, is the best and easiest way to have any dog trained whether it is for Civil Defense or just a well trained pet.

Besides security dogs and obedience training, Yaiza and her team have the experience in building Specialized Detection Dogs to meet the varied yet specific demands of Individuals, Corporations and Government Agencies. This can be accomplished though the training program for owners who already have a dog, or through California K9’s access to the very best the world of dogs has to offer for Personal, Commercial, Industrial, and Specialized Detection needs. Security dogs and Specialized Detection Dogs cost $20,000 and up, depending on the pedigree.

Upon entering the facility, it becomes clear that dog training and quality of service have reached a new and exciting level. At the Academy visitors are just as likely to see a highly-placed security team (and their Personal Protection Dogs) learning how to fight it out against make-believe bad guys as they are to see a rare, black Maltese puppy learning how to hold it and, well… keep it off the family’s rug.

Yaiza takes pride in the warm, caring atmosphere engendered at the Academy and the dogs that are trained. The home-like ambiance is much more than just a kennel by design; it’s a necessary component for training dogs, or helping owners find the best friend they have yet to meet.

California K9 Academy is located at 111 W. Linden Avenue, Burbank, CA 91502. Call 1-(800) Get-Dogs for more information or visit them at