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Peace of Mind Pet Trust’s “Ensure the Future”© photo contest

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Peace of Mind Pet Trust (POMPT) wants your pet on their Facebook page, and they’ll award the first 50 submissions with 50% off a pet trust ($45 value). POMPT is spreading the word that humans need to Ensure the Future for their pets, because if they don’t, who else will? A pet trust provides for a pet should an owner become incapacitated.

Each year more than 600,000 healthy pets follow their deceased owners to an early grave because no written order was left to provide for their future. POMPT was founded to help pet owners take advantage new state laws that allow for the establishment of trusts specifically for pets.

Approximately 67% of US citizens don’t leave a will that would have transferred their assets to their loved ones. Without a will or a trust, a state’s Probate Act will control the distribution of an individual’s assets. The problem is not all states recognize “pets” as anything other than personal property, to be discarded like a lamp at a rummage sale if no one steps forth to claim it.

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“The state probate act controls the disposition of an animal if owner doesn’t leave a written legal document protecting their beloved pet. New state pet trust laws have introduced opportunities for pet owners to easily create protective documentation to set aside funds for their pet to continue to exist in the manner that their owners would have preferred; in other words: alive,” says attorney Peter Canalia, founder of PMOPT.

There are two types of trusts available from Peace of Mind Pet Trust: the traditional pet trust, which is valid in all states; and the statutory pet trust, which derives its authority from a statute, also known as the law, in the state in which an owner resides. POMPT provides an owner an affordable, understandable, easy to use method for making sure their pets are protected for the rest of their natural lives.