11 of the Best Large Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

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For allergy sufferers, finding a pet that doesn’t aggravate them is a struggle. Fortunately, hypoallergenic dogs may be a fantastic alternative to sneezing and wheezing. They usually cause very small (if any) reactions compared to other, allergenic dogs. 

What’s the difference between hypoallergenic and allergenic dogs?

All dogs contain a level of dander (skin flakes within the fur), which is the primary allergen that triggers a reaction in humans. However, some breeds contain less than others, or shed less, (thus spreading dander around the home less) and are less likely to cause a reaction. 

While there are many smaller hypoallergenic dogs, large ones can be a bit difficult to find. So, we at DogFriendly have compiled a list of the best large, hypoallergenic dogs for allergy sufferers!

standard poodle

Standard Poodle 

The Standard Poodle makes for a friendly, athletic, and intelligent forever friend. Poodles typically do well with children, weigh 40-70 pounds, and stand at about 15 inches. They shed very infrequently (if at all), and are easily trainable. However, because they are so athletic, it’s important to have a tall fence/wall in order to keep them from jumping into a neighbor’s yard. Also, their long, curly fur requires regular grooming in order to prevent mats and tangles.

afghan hound

Afghan Hound 

This regal dog is the picture of elegance, with its long, flowing fur and signature curled tail. Despite its furry appearance, Afghan Hounds shed very little, and usually won’t stir up allergic reactions in their owners. They weigh 50-60 pounds and stand 25 inches tall, on average. While these beautiful dogs are easy to admire, they require several hours of grooming per week, as well as lots of exercise. They are also known to be stubborn, so training will require lots of repetition and patience if you decide an Afghan Hound is the dog for you.



This poufy pooch is a lovable, friendly pet for those with allergies. Despite their long, fluffy white coat, Samoyeds produce little dander. Samoyeds can weigh anywhere from 35-65 pounds, and stand around 19-23.5 inches. They are very affectionate dogs, and like to spend as much time with their owner(s) as possible. But because of this, they would not be good dogs for those who are frequently out of the house.

irish water dog

Irish Water Spaniel 

The Irish Water Spaniel is strikingly beautiful, with its dark, long, curly coat and long ears. While they need regular grooming, they do not produce much dander. Irish Water Spaniels weigh anywhere between 45-70 pounds, and stand around 21-24 inches tall. They are one of the most playful dogs on this list, and require much mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. However, they are incredibly intelligent and often train well. 

portuguese water dog

Portuguese Water Dog 

These social, athletic dogs are sure to make a great companion for those with allergies. Incredibly affectionate, Portuguese Water Dogs love to spend time with their owners and other dogs. They typically weigh 35-60 pounds, and stand at about 17-23 inches on average. They are incredibly energetic, and need an enormous amount of exercise each day. If you’re looking for a regular couch-surfing buddy, a Portuguese Water Dog wouldn’t be a good fit. They usually train well due to their high intelligence, but without ample exercise, they can be known to chew on furniture and clothing. 

soft coated wheaten terrier

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 

These fluffy and playful pups are a great option for those seeking a hypoallergenic dog. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers are happy-go-lucky, friendly, and deeply loyal to their owners, making them an excellent family pet. They weigh between 30-40 pounds and stand between 17-19 inches tall, making them one of the smaller dogs on this list. They do not shed, but their curly fur requires daily grooming (sometimes more than once a day) in order to prevent mats. They are stubborn dogs but can be receptive to training so long as it’s consistent and not too harsh.

giant schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer 

These gentle giants make for an amazing hypoallergenic companion, especially those looking for a very big dog. Giant Schnauzers can range anywhere from 55-90 pounds, and stand about 23-27 inches on average. Originally bred as a working dog, these fiercely loyal dogs have protective instincts over the house and their family, and may struggle to differentiate wanted from unwanted visitors, but this can be corrected with consistent training. They are high energy dogs who enjoy regular playtime in a fenced yard or walks with their owners. While Giant Schnauzers don’t excessively shed, they require regular grooming and trimming, especially around their face. You have to keep that iconic beard looking great! 

peruvian inca orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid 

These unique-looking dogs are known for their signature hairlessness, and come in all different sizes. Large Peruvian Inca Orchids usually weigh between 25-55 pounds, and stand between 19-25 inches. As a sighthound (another example would be a Greyhound or a Whippet), they are affectionate, energetic dogs who enjoy playtime and regular exercise. Because of their hairlessness, they are not outdoor dogs, and must have sunscreen applied regularly if they’re to be spending long periods outdoors. It is also recommended to keep Peruvian Inca Orchids and small, prey-like animals (such as birds or rabbits) separate. Overall, these dogs do best in environments without small children and animals, so if you’re looking for a family pet, this dog may not be for you.

bouvier des flandres

Bouvier Des Flandres 

These curly-headed cuties are affectionate, protective, and hard-working pets for all owners, especially those with allergies. Bouvier des Flandres can grow to be very large, ranging from 70-110 pounds and 23-28 inches tall. Because of their thick double coat, they require weekly  or bi-weekly grooming. Because of their background as a working dog, these dogs require daily exercise such as running around or hiking. The Bouvier des Flandres has a strong work ethic, so giving them a job/activity with another dog or their owner is the best way to keep them entertained and healthy. 

airedale terrier

Airedale Terrier 

These strong and sporty dogs have been dubbed “The King of Terriers,” and it’s easy to see why. These hypoallergenic dogs have a short, wiry coat that needs little maintenance (weekly brushing and full grooming 3-4 times a year) which makes them great for allergy-prone owners. On average, Airedale Terriers weigh between 50-70 pounds and stand around 23 inches tall. They play well with children, but because of their large size and excitable demeanor, smaller children could be at risk for a mishap if playing without supervision. Terriers are known to be a bit stubborn, and the Airedale Terrier is no exception. But this can be managed with consistent training from puppyhood onwards. Overall, these dogs are loyal, protective, and spunky – making for a nice family pet as long as work is put in to manage their energy. 

bergamasco sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdog 

These memorable dogs known for their distinct locked coats make excellent pets for those with allergies, believe it or not. On average, they weigh between 55-85 pounds, and stand at around 23 inches tall. Surprisingly, these dogs require very little grooming, as their coats (which contain three different types of hair) naturally develop into what is called “flocks,” or flat layers of felted hair. Their coat is incredibly important to the wellbeing of Bergamasco Sheepdogs, as it helps them regulate their temperature. They should never be shaved down, so if you’re looking for a short haired dog, the Bergamasco Sheepdog isn’t for you. In terms of personality, Bergamascos are very easygoing, patient, and protective of their loved ones. They are happy with moderate exercise each day (such as a game of fetch or a walk), and prefer to be with a companion during physical activity. This breed may be a bit stubborn when in the early stages of training, but with consistency and kindness, they become eager-to-please. 

In short…

While large hypoallergenic dogs are more difficult to find than small ones, there are still many different options for each type of household that would suit allergy-prone owners. 

It’s important to note, however, that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. All dogs produce dander of some sort, but what’s important in finding a dog that won’t upset your allergies is the amount of dander produced and shed. The more dander, the higher the risk of an allergic reaction. Though, saliva or urine from dogs may also trigger an allergy response. If possible, it’s always a good idea to spend time with the dog before adopting or buying. That way, you can get a sense of what sorts of reactions (if any) you may have. 

We hope this list helps you find a furry friend that won’t have you sneezing or sniffling!

Abigail Kurten
Author: Abigail Kurten

Hi! My name's Abigail, and I intern as a Content Writer for DogFriendly.com. I have one dog, a chocolate lab named Riley who's the best! My favorite breed of dog is a Bulldog or Saint Bernard, though.

Abigail Kurten
Author: Abigail Kurten

Hi! My name's Abigail, and I intern as a Content Writer for DogFriendly.com. I have one dog, a chocolate lab named Riley who's the best! My favorite breed of dog is a Bulldog or Saint Bernard, though.

Table of Contents

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