We love dogs. We love all kinds of dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, fluffy dogs, pure breeds, mixed breeds, dogs that bark a lot, dogs that think they are humans, and tiny dogs that think they are huge. We love them all!

Who are we?

Group of dog parents and dog lovers from St. Louis, Missouri.

Our Mission

The mission of DogFriendly.com is to be the indisputable greatest community of dog owners/lovers and to be a source of knowledge about everything related to our four-legged friends.


Dogfriendly.com was started back in 1997 and was recently acquired by Friendly Media (US!). We are working to make the site a great place to visit, but for now, please don’t mind the dust while we keep working on renovations. If you have questions, corrections, concerns, or the like, please contact us here.

Thanks for visiting!