Are Dogs Allowed in Cabela’s? (Updated 2022)

Known for being a hub of all things outdoors, Cabela’s is a great place to buy supplies to hunt, boat, fish, hike, shoot, and more. But is this outdoorsy oasis as great for your dog as it is for you? Let’s find out:

Can I bring my dog to Cabela’s?

Cabela’s is considered a pet-friendly establishment at all of their locations, but due to regional laws or regulations, not every store can allow pets inside. While Fido should be fine in most locations, it’s a good idea to call your store ahead of time and double check their policies. Not sure where the nearest location is? Use this link to find a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop near you.

How does Cabela’s cater to my dog?

Some locations have indoor/outdoor kennels for you to place your dog in while you shop, but these are not at every site. Once again, make sure to call your store ahead to prevent Fido from waiting in the car.

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