Are Dogs Allowed in REI? (Updated 2022)

While REI offers a great selection of camping and hiking gear for dogs, their company-wide policy prohibits dogs from entering their stores. The one exception is if you are bringing in a service dog. Otherwise, you’ll have to try their harnesses and life jackets on your dog at home.

What if the Item I Purchased Doesn’t Fit?

If you have problems with the item you purchased for your dog, you can return it back to REI up to 90 days after you made the original purchase. You can return the item for free at any physical store locations or through the mail with a $5.99 fee deducted from your refund to cover the cost of return shipping.

I Used to Bring My Dog to REI – Why Can’t I Now?

Some store locations may enforce this company policy less, not stopping you if you try to bring your dog in. But there have been too many complaints and incidents over the years to maintain a dog-friendly policy for their whole company. That being said, it’s worth calling your local REI location to see if they would make an exception.

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