Best Calming Vests For Dogs (Updated 2022)

Dogs of all sizes can struggle with anxiety. Whether it’s thunderstorms, fireworks, construction or other noises, dogs have fears just like us and can use a little help to get through these anxious episodes. Luckily, calming gear has increased dramatically in popularity over the past decade, and there are dozens of choices to help your pet feel better.

Calming Vests

Calming vests are among the most common anxiety remedies for dogs. They typically fit on a dog’s torso like a shirt or life vest and apply pressure. The idea behind them is that continued pressure can help soothe anxieties, similar to how weighted blankets help humans fall asleep or relax. These vests can help reduce your furry friends’ anxiety, barking, shaking, and other fearful behaviors.

In order to help your dog feel less anxious, DogFriendly has compiled a list of the best calming vests that could help. Consider picking one up for your fearful furry friend!

Best Overall Calming Vest – Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Best Overall
ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

The Thundershirt is one of the most well-known anxiety relief dog vest brands, and is the best overall dog jacket. With seven different sizes, this machine-washable vest uses pressure to help your dog through thunder, fireworks, separation and more. This vest has the highest rating on Amazon with 4.2 out of 5 stars, Thundershirt offers a moneyback guarantee if this product doesn't work for your pooch. The only downside of this vest is the loud velcro straps that may spook your dog when putting on or taking off this vest. Overall, though, this is the most popular and successful anti-anxiety dog vest for good reason. 

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Best Value – KittyStar Breathable Dog Shirt

Budget Pick
KittyStar Breathable Dog Shirt

The KittyStar Breathable Dog Shirt is the most budget-friendly option on this list, and offers four sizes and colors of vests to help Fido feel better. With 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this shirt offers the same comfort and security for dogs of all sizes at a much cheaper price than the name brand Thundershirt. It's machine washable and easy to bring on the go, but once again, the velcro is loud on this vest which can scare your dog from trying it. 

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Best multi-sensory vest – CozyVest 3-in-1 Vest

Best Multi-Sensory Vest
CozyVest 3-in-1 Anxiety Vest

Some dogs require more than physical stimulation to soothe their anxieties. For those dogs, the 3-in-1 vest is a perfect solution. This vest offers the pressure of other vests as well as a calming smell pod and sound box that plays relaxing audio to distract your dog from whatever's making them anxious. With seven different sizes, this vest is great for any dog. Though, the audio box plays the same pre-recorded sounds over and over to give your dog a sense of reassurance, which can be annoying for any humans within earshot. 

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Best for small dogs – AKC Calming Coat

Best for Small Dogs
AKC Calming Coat

It can be difficult to find an anxiety vest for smaller dogs, but the AKC Calming Coat presents a solution. With seven different sizes and three different colors, this coat is slightly shorter than the others on this list according to customer reviews. While this may make it less effective in larger dogs, this feature help it fit better onto smaller dogs. By not covering their entire torso, smaller dogs will have an easier time moving and going to the bathroom while wearing it. This vest is machine washable and has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, making it a popular choice for small dog owners.

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Overall, many brands of vests can help your nervous dog, but these were the best solutions for the best prices available on Amazon. Whether you’re looking for an occasional fix or an everyday calming routine, there’s a vest available. Remember, what’s most important is finding something comfortable for your dog(s) that isn’t too small. While these shirts are supposed to fit snugly, your dog should still be able to move and breathe properly. Otherwise, it could lead to even more anxiety for your pup. Hopefully, one of these vests offers a safe solution for the both of you!

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