Best Snuffle Mats For Dogs (Updated 2022)

Have you ever noticed how often your dog uses their nose? On a walk, you’ll probably see Fido with his head down and nose to the ground. In the kitchen, you might see your pooch sniffing the floor for scraps. But you might be wondering; why do dogs have to sniff everything? The answer: to experience the world.

Dogs have weaker eyesight and a less versatile way of experiencing the world (who needs opposable thumbs, anyway?) than humans. Despite of these shortcomings, dogs’ bodies make up for it via their superior sense of smell. With around 100-300 million olfactory receptors (compared to humans’ 6 million), dogs can pick up on the smallest chemical and environmental changes humans could only dream of sensing. Their skills are so incredible, that dogs have been used to sniff out bombs, drugs, weapons, and even human remains.

But because dogs navigate the world using their sense of smell, it’s essential to your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing that those skills are regularly exercised. That’s where snuffle mats come in.

What is a Snuffle Mat?

A snuffle mat is a toy mat with small strips, loops, or patches of fabric that owners can hide food in. It has multiple purposes, such as getting your dog to slow down when eating or training their nose to sniff out and find food on their own. They pose a challenge for dogs’ brains and noses, making them a great enrichment toy that can keep your dog occupied and non-destructive.

With so many choices, though, it can seem a bit daunting picking the right one for your furry friend’s needs. Luckily, has compiled this list of the best snuffle mats around:

Best Overall – RUNDA Snuffle Mat

Best Overall
RUNDA Snuffle Mat

This magic mat is perfect for all types of dogs looking to exercise their nose! Each mt is 17 inches long and 21 inches wide, making it suitable for small, medium, or large dogs. It comes with an anti-slip pad on the bottom and two additional suction cups to keep the mat in place for particularly rambunctious dogs. Plus, it's machine-washable, 2 inch long fabric strips increase the challenge level for super-skilled pups. Whether you need your dog to slow down during dinner time or need to keep them busy for a few hours, the RUNDA mat is a great choice for all dogs and owners. 

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Budget Pick – PAWPAWPAL Designer Snuffle Play Mat

Budget Pick
PAWPAWPAL Dog Snuffle Play Mat

Snuffle mats can be pricey, especially the higher quality they are. Luckily, PAWPAWPAL offers a high-quality and budget-friendly option complete with seven different hiding spaces for kibble, a chew toy, and anti-slip backing. Because of it's intricate design, this mat is able to help smell-train your dog or slow down their eating depending on which pockets you choose to put kibble in. The mesh laundry bag it comes with also makes this an easy-to-clean toy. 

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Best On-The-Go Use – NEECONG Snuffle-Mat

Best On-The-Go Use
NEECONG Dog Snuffle-Mat

While snuffle mats are easy to keep at home, they aren't always easy to transport. Luckily, the NEECONG snuffle mat is lightweight, compact, and easily portable, all while working to keep your dog busy. With a non-slip matt o the bottom and a drawstring to easily compress the mat, NEECONG's mat makes it quick and simple to put away or take out. Though, this mat is only 19 by 19 inches, so it's probably not the best choice for larger dogs. 

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Best For Destructive Dogs – LIVEKEY Snuffle Mat

Best For Destructive Dogs
LIVEKEY Pet Snuffle Mat

For dogs who love to chew and tear apart fabrics, the LIVEKEY snuffle mat is a fantastic choice. Equipped with attachable tabs to reinforce and connect multiple mats together, the LIVEKEY mat is one of the strongest on the market. It comes in three different colors and is suitable for breeds of all sizes - some may even enjoy laying on it because of the soft, high-quality fabric. Plus, it's machine washable! 

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Best For Small Dogs – Pet Race Snuffle Mat

Best For Small Dogs
Pet Race Snuffle Mat

For small dogs, standard snuffle mats might be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the Pet Race snuffle mat is a great option for tiny dogs, or for dogs who are just starting to use them. Available in three different designs or sizes, it's easy to find the right size for your furry friend. It's non-slip bottom and soft fabric make it easy for dogs to fall in love with, too. Though, because of it's smaller sizes, this would not be a great choice for larger dogs. 

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Snuffle mats are a fantastic way for dogs to burn off some energy and stimulate their minds and noses. With fun designs, colors, and pockets, they make a great addition to any dog-owning home, even if you don’t need Fido to slow down when he eats. We hope this list helps you find a product that works for your pooch. Happy shopping!

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