Can Dogs Eat Bones?: A Guide To Safe Bone Consumption

You’ve definitely heard the phrase “throw a dog a bone” once before. But what happens when you actually do? Is it a safe and tasty treat? Or could it cause more harm than good? What types of bones are safe? Luckily, has all the answers you need when deciding to give a bone to Fido.

For starters, under no circumstances should dogs ever eat cooked bones. Cooking bones makes them weaker, making them much more likely to splinter and break into small pieces. This is a recipe for disaster in your dog’s intestines – they can cause blockages, tears, bleeding, and a hefty veterinary bill to fix it. Definitely something you and Fido should avoid!


Pork bones easily splinter and break, making them an unsafe choice to feed your dog. Plus, pork bones can be full of fat, which your dog likely isn’t equipped to process. Pork, on the other hand, is a safe treat for your pup to enjoy on occasion.


Fish bones are not safe for your dog to eat. They are small, break easily, and can get lodged in your dog’s intestines. Some cooked fish is safe for them, though. Fido can still get his fishy fix, just not with the bones.


No, chicken bones are not safe for dogs. Their small and brittle nature makes them a prime candidate in creating intestinal blockages or gastrointestinal upset in your dog. They also pose a choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs. It’s best to avoid them and feed them cooked chicken on occasion instead.


Raw cow bones are safe to enjoy, but there are a few things to know before offering one to your dog. Raw bones are at risk of carrying foodborne illnesses (such as salmonella), so it’s best to keep them frozen and thaw them when you’re ready to feed them to Fido. After a few hours out, throw the bone away to prevent your dog from getting sick. With any bone, be sure to supervise your dog when they chew on it. While cow bones are unlikely to break or splinter, it’s still possible. It’s better to remove any small chunks before your dog can get ahold of them.


Bison bones are safe for dogs to eat, fortunately. Like cow bones, dogs shouldn’t be left unattended eating them, and they should be thrown out after a few hours. But because of their large size, they make an excellent treat for extra large dogs. Who says small dogs get to have all the fun!


Like chicken bones, turkey bones are not safe for dogs to eat. In general, poultry bones break easily (making them likely to cause digestive issues if ingested), and their small size poses a choking risk. Cooked turkey, on the other hand, is safe. Click here for more details on the best way for your dog to enjoy it.

Overall, raw bones are one of the riskier treats to give your dog, but it is possible to find one suitable for Fido. If you can’t, store-bought bones such as Greenie’s are a delicious and safe alternative. We hope this helped you find the right treat for your pup!

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