Can Dogs Eat Butter?

The sun shined a little bit bright the day the first butter was churned. From toast to popcorn, butter makes just about anything better. Unfortunately, a lot of delicious human foods are bad for or even toxic to dogs. But is butter one of them?

Is butter safe for dogs?

Butter is not toxic to dogs, but that doesn’t mean you should start feeding Fido by the stick. Butter is not recommended for Butter is high in fat content and poses many possible health risks if overindulged, such as obesity, diabetes, and pancreatitis, which can be fatal. A little butter won’t hurt, but it’s best to keep your pup away from the pats of butter.

Can dogs eat almond butter?

Yes, almond butter is technically safe for dogs. However, like regular butter almond butter is loaded with fat that can make it harmful when not enjoyed in moderation. If you do feed your pup almond butter, only give her a little bit.

Can dogs eat peanut butter?

For many dog owners, peanut butter is our go-to treat. But is it really the best option? Compared to butter, peanut butter is a healthier alternative, as peanut butter contains much more of the protein your dog needs. You’ll still only want to treat your pet in moderation, as peanut butter is also high in fat and sugar.

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