Can Dogs Eat Catnip?

Everyone knows that cats and dogs are very different creatures. For example, cats go a bit nuts when exposed to catnip. They can become giddy and energetic, or even aggressive and fatigued. But how similarly do dogs react? Will catnip make your dog go crazy?

Is catnip safe for dogs?

Catnip is safe for dogs just as much as it is for cats, but your dogs will not react the way cats do if exposed to it. In fact, catnip might make your dog feel calm or a bit sleepy. Since catnip acts as a mild sedative for dogs, it’s often used to calm anxious dogs down before outings such as the vet’s office or groomer’s. Plus, it can also be used to keep bugs away from your furry friend.

Overall, catnip is completely safe for dogs and cats, but will affect them in drastically different ways. If you’re looking for a plant to energize your dog, try feeding them coconut or pineapple instead.

Abigail Kurten
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