Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

As a dog parent, you’ve probably wondered, “what foods are safe for my dog?”. Luckily, many human foods are safe in moderation for dogs, and they can even make for a special treat for your furry friend. Cherries make for a delicious summertime snack that can be great on a sundae or baked into a pie. But are they safe for your dog to eat?

Are cherries safe for dogs?

Unfortunately, cherries are not safe for dogs. Cherry stems, leaves, and pits contain cyanide, which is poisonous to dogs. Ingesting too many cherries and their pits can give your dog cyanide poisoning, resulting in difficulty breathing, dilated pupils, and inflammation of the gums. In addition to cyanide, cherry pits can pose a threat to dogs, especially little ones. The pits can create choking hazards, intestinal blockages, or cause constipation.

Overall, cherries are not a safe treat for your dogs to enjoy. It’s best to find them another fruit to snack on to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Abigail Kurten
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