Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

Just like humans, dogs need a well-balanced diet, which means feeding them kibble in most cases. But a little bit of human food every once in a while can boost your dog’s health, provided you feed them the right things. Many kinds of fruit make excellent treats for your pup. But is dragon fruit one of them?

Is dragon fruit safe for dogs?

Yes, dragon fruit is safe for dogs! Provided you remove the skin, dragon fruit is a great and healthy snack for your pup. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and iron, which can provide immune support in small doses. But like many of its siblings, dragon fruit has a lot of sugar, which dogs don’t need. Dragon fruit is best given in small amounts.

How should you serve dragon fruit to dogs?

Obviously, that tough-leathery skin has got to go. Your dog might enjoy chewing on it, but the dragon fruit skin is difficult to digest and must be removed before serving dragon fruit to dogs. How much you’ll want to feed your pup depends on its size and age. Like any treat, you’ll want to abide by the 90/10 rule: 90 percent of your dog’s calories should come from regular dog food and the other 10 percent from treats. 

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