Can Dogs Eat French Fries?

Crinkle cut, curly, or whatever—french fries are sticks of potato deliciousness. But should you hand over that french fry to your pup?

Are french fries safe for dogs?

While french fries are not toxic, you should not give french fries to your dog. Delicious though they may be, french fries make an unhealthy snack for your pup, and eating too much can lead to weight gain and adverse medical conditions. 

Seasoned fries can be doubly dangerous. Garlic and onion powder are toxic to dogs.

What are the risks?

One french fry is not going to hurt your dog. But try to minimize how often you feed your pooch french fries and other fatty treats. By feeding your dog an unbalanced diet, you risk obesity, diabetes, and pancreatitis

When feeding your dog any treat, remember to stick to the 90/10 rule, which says that 90 percent of your dog’s calories should come from their dog food, and the other 10 percent of calories may come from treats.

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