Can Dogs Eat Ginger?

Just like humans, dogs need a well-balanced diet, which means feeding them kibble in most cases. But a little bit of human food every once in a while can boost your dog’s health, provided you feed them the right things. Most kinds of spice and seasoning are not okay to feed your pup. But is Ginger one of them?

Is ginger safe for dogs?

Yes, ginger is safe for dogs, and can be good in small amounts. Dogs can eat all forms of ginger, including ginger root. Many swear that ginger has medicinal uses, like anti-nausea and anti-inflammation. A 2003 study supports that ginger might be effective at preventing motion sickness, but not all the health benefits are clear. If your pup is eating a well-balanced diet, there’s no reason that they have to have ginger, but there are potential benefits.

How much you’ll want to feed your pup depends on its size and age. Like with any treat, you’ll want to abide by the 90/10 rule: 90 percent of your dog’s calories should come from regular dog food and the other 10 percent from treats. 

Can dogs eat gingerbread?

No! Your dog should not have gingerbread. Many gingerbreads contain nutmeg, which is toxic to dogs. Gingerbread is also high in oil and sugar, which is not great for your pup. 

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