Can Dogs Eat Mandarins?

This small, citrusy fruit is a great snack in the summertime. Loaded with vitamin C, A, and other minerals, it’s no wonder you’d want to share a few slices with your furry friend…but should you? 

While it’s unlikely to harm your pup in small amounts, dog’s digestive systems are not designed to ingest citrus fruits in part because of the high levels of acidity. Since regular dog food already contains the essential vitamins and nutrients for a balanced diet, it’s unlikely your pup will need to eat mandarin slices to make up for any missing nutrients. In fact, most dogs don’t like to eat citrus foods anyway.

If you want to share a human fruit with your pup, try apple slices or pieces of banana, as these contain lots of nutrients but lack the acidic makeup of mandarin oranges.

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