Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

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If you know the horrible feeling of catching your dog with his nose in the pizza box, you know the fear that may come after. Will he be sick? Can he eat all that and be okay?

While you should never willingly feed your dog pizza, if you catch him having stolen some of yours, don’t worry. He should be just fine.

That said, here’s why dogs should not eat pizza:


Dogs typically don’t react well with cheese, due to the high fat content and calories. It’s best to avoid letting your pup have cheese altogether.


Dogs are okay to have plain tomato sauce, but the herbs, spices, and sugar found in common pizza sauces are what cause the issues. Dogs can get sick when they digest things like garlic and herbs, so it’s best to make sure they avoid this.


The main concern with dough is when it’s raw. This is considered an urgent issue, and if you notice your dog has eaten raw dough, you should call your vet or take him to the emergency animal clinic immediately. If your dog has eaten cooked pizza crust, it may cause him to get sick due to added ingredients like onions, garlic, and herbs.

Overall, it’s best to avoid letting your pup join in on pizza night. But if he does, anyway, it’s best to monitor his health for a day or so after to make sure he’s all right.

Zoë Butler
Author: Zoë Butler

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Zoë Butler
Author: Zoë Butler

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Table of Contents

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