Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

As a dog parent, you’ve probably wondered, “what foods are safe for my dog?”. Luckily, many human foods are safe in moderation for dogs, and they can even make for a special treat for your furry friend. Plantains are a sweet, banana-like fruit originally from Southeast Asia that’s enjoyed across the globe. These sweet fruits are great with any meal, but are they safe for dogs to eat?

Are plantains safe for dogs?

Yes, in small quantities, plantains are safe for dogs, so long as you cook them first! They’re rich in Vitamin A, C, and fiber, but the skin is tough enough to pose a choking hazard for your pooch. Boiling or steaming with no additional seasonings is the best way to serve this fruit to Fido. Plantain can help alleviate stomach upset, but it can also cause it if too much is eaten. To prevent diarrhea, constipation, or a gastrointestinal blockage, try to limit how much your pooch eats.

Overall, though, this tasty fruit is a fine addition to your dog’s diet. As always, though, we at recommend asking your vet before adding any new foods into your dog’s diet. Better safe than sorry!

Abigail Kurten
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