Can Dogs Eat Radishes?

Just like humans, dogs need a well-balanced diet, which means feeding them kibble in most cases. But a little bit of human food every once in a while can boost your dog’s health, provided you feed them the right things. Many vegetables make excellent treats for your pup. But are radishes one of them?

Are radishes safe for dogs to eat?

Yes, radishes are safe for dogs and non-toxic. Radishes contain vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, all of which can boost your dog’s health when added to your dog’s diet in moderation. There’s no danger to radishes besides overconsumption. The only tricky part may be getting your dog to eat it. Some dogs love radish, and others won’t touch it.

How much radish should I give my dog?

If you do feed your pup radishes, you’ll want to do it sparingly, and consider their age and weight. Chop the radish into small pieces and only serve a little bit. You’ll want to watch your pet the first time and make sure the snack doesn’t cause an upset stomach.

Like with any treat, you’ll want to abide by the 90/10 rule, which suggests that 90 percent of your dog’s calories should come from his or her dog food, and the remaining 10 percent of calories may come from treats.

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