Can Dogs Eat Salt?

As a dog parent, you’ve probably wondered, “what foods are safe for my dog?”. Luckily, many human foods are safe in moderation for dogs, and they can even make for a special treat for your furry friend. Salt is one of the most commonly used spices in the world. From pretzels to pasta, salt can add delicious flavor to almost any dish. But is it safe for dogs to eat?

Is salt safe for dogs?

In small quantities, salt is alright for dogs to eat. Though too much could cause extreme thirst, or even sodium ion poisoning. Sodium ion poisoning can cause tremors, seizures, dehydration of the muscles and brain, or even death. It’s best to limit your dog’s salt intake if possible. If not, make sure there is plenty of fresh water available for your dog to stay hydrated.

Overall, salt is not a great spice for your dog to eat, but in small doses, Fido should be fine if it’s ingested.

Abigail Kurten
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