Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

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There’s nothing like giving thanks around a Turkey dinner. While you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, your dog is probably staring at you with beady eyes. But should you give into that begging pup? Is turkey safe for dogs to eat?

Can dogs eat turkey?

Turkey is generally safe for dogs to eat. Turkey is non-toxic and contains the delicious protein that your dog needs to sustain itself. This is why many dog foods include turkey.

You still want to take a few precautions before you treat your dog to turkey dinner. Like ham, store-bought turkey can sometimes be rich in sodium content. Make sure to keep it simple and feed your dog as plain of ham as possible.

How should you prepare turkey for your dog?

  • Cook it plain. While humans love all the oils and seasonings we can get, these things are not good for dogs. They are unnecessary and can lead to an inflamed digestive tract.
  • Skip the skin. Turkey skin is fatty and any seasonings could be potentially dangerous for your dog.
  • Avoid other add-ins, like onions and garlic, which are toxic to dogs. You should only feed your dog the turkey meat, and nothing else.

Can dogs eat turkey bones?

Don’t hand over that bone. As much as dogs love bones, turkey bones are not safe for dogs to chew on. Your dog might swallow the whole bone or the smaller pieces that break off, which can hurt your dog and its digestive system.

Can dogs eat raw turkey?

Your dog should never eat raw meat. Raw meat can transmit diseases like E. coli and Salmonella. Though dogs evolved from raw meat-eaters, your domesticated pooch should not eat raw meat, turkey included.

Tyler Kupcho
Author: Tyler Kupcho

Animal lover, proud husky parent. Writing Intern at

Tyler Kupcho
Author: Tyler Kupcho

Animal lover, proud husky parent. Writing Intern at

Table of Contents

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