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Dog-Friendly Homer Alaska

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Sourdough Express Restaurant in Homer AK

By Jodi Kain

Homer Alaska is a beautiful little seaside town in big and beautiful Alaska. It has dog-friendly restaurants,boat and airplane rides,and much more. A very good dog-friendly outdoor restaurant that I would recommend that you take your dog to when visiting Homer is “The Sourdough Express”. The Sourdough Express started in a little green van, selling baked goods all over Alaska. The business grew and grew. Today, The Sourdough Express is a pet-friendly restaurant, also featuring a sandbox with a bunch of toys for kids. The Sourdough Express also displays the original Sourdough Express van out in the front. There is also a airplane business that takes you to Anchorage,or from Anchorage to Homer. There are also scenic airplane tours over Homer. They take you on tours over the glaciers and more. The name of this airline is “Smokey Bay Air”. Another dog-friendly attraction is “The Homer Spit”. If you drive out almost to the end of the Spit,there are several  tourist shops including souvenir shops,fishing charters,coffee shops, ice cream shops and much more.  The Homer Spit also  has a big boat marina for boats. Dogs are only allowed outside of most stores but some stores will allow a leashed dog inside.   Also, there is a dog-friendly boat tour. The place where you can sign up to go on the boat tour is located on the  Homer Spit. It is called “Mako’s Water Taxis”, and we enjoyed our boat tour! Our dog enjoyed it, too. For these and  more pet-friendly places in Homer,visit this link on .

Mako's Water Taxi Homer AK

Dallas: Hotel Palomar offers extras for dogs

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Furry, feathered or four-legged guests checking in at pet-friendly Hotel Palomar Dallas will now be welcomed by one of their own, ready to make their stay in Big D the doggone best. Kora, an adorable four-month-old golden Labrador retriever puppy, has been named as the hotel’s first-ever director of pet relations.

Pet-friendly amenities including:
Welcome board greeting pet guests by name
“Hotel Guest” pet ID tags with contact information, for safety while out on the town
Specialty pet bowl and bed for the stay
“Doggie” bag with bottled water, designer treats, and Kora’s helpful recommendations for
pet-friendly restaurants, dog parks, specialty stores, and other great resources
Door hangers to alert guests/staff that a pet is in the room
Steady supply of plastic bags for walking
For guests looking for a pet companion during their stay, Hotel Palomar Dallas even provides a goldfish to keep them company, upon request.”

“Kora will make sure that every four-legged, creeping and hopping guest who comes through the door at Hotel Palomar Dallas is welcomed in style,” says GM Andrew Wright. “She even has her own e-mail address — — where guests can contact her with any special requests or questions for their pets’ stay.”

The Dogs Who Sailed the Mayflower

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Research confirms that pilgrims weren’t the only passengers aboard the Mayflower. Turns out man’s best friend also made the transatlantic voyage from Southampton, England to Plymouth, MA in 1620. This Thanksgiving, the American Kennel Club® (AKC) celebrates the English Springer Spaniel and Mastiff, the two breeds who joined the pilgrims on their journey to the new world and who were the first to make dogs a part of everyday life for the earliest Western settlers.

The earliest mention of dogs in America appeared in a 17th century journal called “Mourt’s Relation” about the first years of life in the new world. According to this account, two dogs – an English Springer Spaniel and a Mastiff – were brought along by John Goodman. The dogs were involved in the first explorations of discovery on Cape Cod during the first winter ashore.

“This Thanksgiving we give special thanks to the English Springer Spaniel and Mastiff who came to America to help the Pilgrims begin their life in the new world,” said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “While both breeds helped the settlers find and retrieve game, today, they were also trusted companions and it’s amazing to think our forebears enjoyed the same breeds as we do today.”

The Mastiff is one of the biggest dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club – some can even top 200 pounds. The breed is a powerful and courageous, yet gentle and loyal companion. Mastiffs were raised in Britain for more than 2,000 years and used as hunting dogs by nobility and watchdogs. They like to be around people and bond closely with their owners. Due to his large size and need for space, a Mastiff is best suited for country or suburban life and requires light exercise and minimal grooming. Additional information on the Mastiff can be found online at

The English Springer Spaniel is a fun-loving dog adaptable to city or country life. The word “Springer” comes from the breed’s inherent desire to hunt. Springers are prized for their eagerness and ability to find and scare up a large variety of game birds as well as rabbits. In the filed, they are light, lean and fast. The breed is recognized for his ability to keep going and going under adverse hunting conditions, which is partly due to his medium-sized, powerful body. Cheerful and affectionate, Springers love their families and like to stick close to their owners. They make excellent house pets, but require daily exercise and need regular brushing and trimming to keep their coats neat and free of mats. Additional information on the English Springer Spaniel can be found online at