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Lake George New York: Canine Club Getaway Vacation for Dogs and Their Families

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Canine Club Getaway, the all-inclusive resort vacation for dogs and the people who love them, takes on a Western theme as it moves to the Roaring Brook Ranch & Tennis Resort in Lake George, NY. Scheduled for June 2-6, this year’s Getaway will be a paw-stomping good time for dogs and humans alike, with a hearty serving of dog- and people-friendly activities, from agility, lure coursing, swimming and hiking to seminars with veterinarians and trainers, horseback riding, country line dancing, gourmet dining, nightly “Yappy Hour” and an on-site spa.

Canine Club Getaway, the ultimate, all-inclusive resort vacation for dogs and the people who love them, celebrates its second Getaway with a Western theme – and a passel of new and exciting activities for dogs and dog lovers alike! Scheduled this year for June 2-6 in Lake George, NY, Canine Club Getaway’s 2010 event moves to a bigger, better venue due to growing demand after a nearly sell-out launch in 2009, according to founders Janice Costa and David and Carole Kralstein. Canine Club Getaway’s new location, the Roaring Brook Ranch & Tennis Resort, is home to 300 acres of tail waggin’ trails, stunning mountain vistas, horseback riding, country line dancing and an on-site spa.

At this dog-friendly vacation, ‘Everyone in the pool!’ includes the dogs!

Of course the dogs remain the central focus of this unique dog retreat, and Canine Club Getaway has once again rounded up a posse of top trainers and behavioral experts, including New York Academy for Dog Trainers owners Frank Bonomo and Dr. Mary Travers, PhD, as well as dog sports instructors, a veterinarian, dog nutrition experts and other dog professionals for a five-day, paw-stomping extravaganza.

“Whether you’re hankering for rollicking new adventures or lazy, dog-day afternoons, Canine Club Getaway has something for everyone. We invite dogs and their people to kick up their heels – or paws – and enjoy a Western-style bonanza of dog-friendly activities, games, classes and activities,” note Costa and Kralstein.

Why should you take your dog on vacation?

“Humans aren’t the only ones feeling the stress from these difficult times,” Kralstein says. “Yet our beloved four-legged companions never complain and never stop providing us with their unconditional love and support. So if you feel like you need a vacation, your dog probably needs one just as much!”

“There’s a reason pet vacations are all the rage right now,” adds Costa. “It’s a proven fact that dogs help to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and stave off depression. So if you’re looking to de-stress, taking your dog along just makes sense. And Canine Club Getaway offers more than just ‘a lick and a promise’ – it’s about having fun while spending quality time with your dog and meeting like minded dog owners…an experience you and your best friend will cherish forever.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a host of dog activities, classes and seminars including agility, lure coursing, Frisbee, swimming (and yes, dogs are allowed IN the pool with you!), flyball, rally obedience, hiking, scent detection, doggie skateboarding, prep classes and testing for the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog tests, “barks and crafts,” obedience classes and more. Daily seminars will cover the gamut from Emergency Canine First Aid and Dog Training Fusion to Dog Psychology 101 and Pet-Friendly Design. Human guests can also enjoy horseback riding, country line dancing, gourmet dining, nightly “Yappy Hour” and an on-site spa.

For the second year in a row, Costa and Kralstein are partnering with local animal charities and rescue groups to raise funds for these organizations. “For each guest who comes to us referred by an animal charity or rescue group, we will donate $25 to that group, and will make them one of the beneficiaries of our Silent Auction. We’ll also distribute their literature to our guests to help raise awareness about their organization,” they note.

Attendees who sign up prior to March 15 will receive an Early Bird-Dog Discount.

For more information, or to download an application, visit or call 888-K9-CLUBG (888-592-5824).

Are You Prepared for a Pet Emergency?

Monday, March 8th, 2010

April Marks National Pet First Aid Month

All good parents know the importance of having a first aid kit ready for their children in case of accidents or emergencies. With nearly 85% of pet owners considering themselves their pet’s mom or dad, it’s just as important for pet parents to take precautions to keep their pets safe and healthy. April’s National Pet First Aid Awareness Month serves as a reminder to always have a pet first aid kit prepared and handy.

One new item to consider keeping close at hand is Anti-Lick Strip Prevent™ from Nurtured Pets™, a company focused on health and wellness products for pets. These unique pet adhesive bandages are made with natural ingredients — including cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano. This exclusive blend deters pets from licking, biting and chewing surgical sites, minor wounds, cuts and abrasions as well as helping to alleviate issues stemming from separation anxiety, boredom or other behavioral issues.

Anti-Lick Strip Prevent products can either be used as a therapeutic bandage or applied at the earliest sign of a problem, eliminating a pet’s drive to lick, bite and scratch before skin irritations can occur. Anti-Lick Strip bandages are constructed with a peel and stick medical-grade adhesive that lasts up to five days.

“Whether you’re at home or on the road, having a pet first aid kit handy can be a helpful and possibly lifesaving precaution,” said Dr. Robin Valentine, VMD. “Assembling such a kit can be easy and inexpensive.”

Though a first aid kit should never replace proper veterinary care, some simple remedies and devices can prevent a situation from going from bad to worse until professional help can be obtained. A basic kit should include:

· Waterproof container that opens and closes easily but securely to hold first aid items.

· Pet bandages, such as Nurtured Pets’ Anti-Lick Strip Prevent, gauze pads and cotton gauze in case of cuts, scrapes or bites.

· Hydrogen peroxide and anti-bacterial ointment to clean wounds.

· Scissors and tweezers for cutting adhesive tape, removing splinters, etc.

· Eyedroppers for dispensing liquid medication or for cleaning wounds.

· Phone numbers for your pet’s regular veterinarian and any nearby emergency animal hospitals. (When traveling, include numbers for animal hospitals in destination area.)

· Hot/cold pack for soothing injuries and reducing related swelling.

Tips are from

Jeep’s Spring Dog Products

Monday, March 8th, 2010

This spring, Jeep® Consumer Products continues to make an exciting new collection of durable, rugged, and tough pet travel gear and toys. Here are the highlights –

Jeep® Weekender Coat: Your dog can say goodbye to wet, matted rainy-day hair thanks to the new Jeep® Weekender Coat. This waterproof nylon coat keeps pets warm and dry when it’s cold and wet outside. The Jeep® Weekender Coat will keep puppy looking and feeling good on any outdoor adventure, from a day at the park to an extra-long hike. The convenient back pocket can hold treats or other small essentials for the journey. Available in army green in sizes XXS – XXL.

Jeep® Vinyl Toys: This super-sleek vinyl toy collection will be a hit with pooches everywhere. Pets will enjoy hours of long-lasting fun with these air-filled, squeezable toys that also squeak. The Jeep® Vinyl Toys are available in fun shapes including a Jeep® key, hubcap and bones in three colors (black, yellow and brown).

Jeep® Doggie Backpack: The new Jeep® Doggie Backpack is the ideal travel accessory that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “doggy bag.” The backpack features two deep zippered pockets, perfect for storing dog treats, toys and/or gear. Both pockets are lined with padded mesh to protect pups belly from the pockets contents. Simply fasten around the chest and under the belly for a secure fit. The webbing straps are easily adjustable with soft rounded edges that will not pester pets. Available in hot pink camo and army green camo.

Jeep® Legs Free Front Carrier: Pet owners can keep furry friends close with the Jeep® Legs Free Front Carrier. The carrier has a reinforced construction made of durable nylon high performance material and comes with padded shoulder straps so owners can comfortably wear the carrier. It is the perfect size for small pups, cats and other pets under ten pounds. The carrier is available in hot pink camo and army green camo. Ideal size for pets under 10 pounds.

Jeep® Mesh Harness: With the new Jeep® Mesh Harness, pet lovers will be reassured that their pet is safe and secure wherever they go! Designed with a polyester mesh material and a padded neck, pups are guaranteed to stay comfortable all day long. For added convenience, a mesh pocket on top is the perfect spot to store a leash and a sizeable chest belt adjusts to pups varying sizes. The harness is available in army green and hot pink, sizes XS-L.

Jeep® Car Seat Cover: The Jeep® Car Seat Cover keeps car seats hair-free while also protecting against dust, sun and dirt. The seat cover is quilted, water resistant, and designed with a non-skid padded foam rubber backing to keep it in place while making it completely comfortable to sit on for both pets and pet owners. Plus, pet owners can easily throw it in the washer and it’s as good as new. The seat cover fits most popular cars and SUV models. Available in army green camo.