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Oakland A’s Dog Day at the Park – July 15

Saturday, June 18th, 2011
Oakland A's Dog Day July 15

Oakland A's Dog Day July 15

Fourth of July Tips for Pet Parents

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

The fireworks and revelries of the Fourth of July often turn happy, contented pets into scaredy cats and petrified pooches – leading to more pets going missing than any other single day of the year. HomeAgain® PetRescuers are rallying across the internet to raise awareness of this problem and help protect pets.

“Not Lost on You” is a social media campaign alerting pet parents to the steps they should take to keep their four-legged family members safe. By posting the “Not Lost on You” flag on their Facebook wall, supporters demonstrate to their online community that pet safety awareness is vitally important on Independence Day. A “Not Lost on You” pet protection quiz is also featured on the HomeAgain PetRescuers Facebook page to help users learn pet safety facts. Twitter users are invited to spread the word and increase awareness by using the hashtag #NLOY.

“HomeAgain assists with approximately 120,000 pet reunions every year. July 4th is the number one day for pets to go missing,” said HomeAgain General Manager Gary MacPhee. “We are asking the volunteer HomeAgain PetRescuers to spread the word through the ‘Not Lost on You’ campaign so families can celebrate with peace of mind knowing all members, including pets, are safe.”

HomeAgain reminds pet parents of the following tips to ensure pet safety during July 4th festivities and all year round:

· Keep pets safely at home and away from fireworks festivities

· Find a quiet place to keep your pet while fireworks displays are taking place

· Turn on a radio, fan or television to distract pets from outside noise

· Ensure windows and doors are securely closed to prevent pets from running off in the event they become startled by unexpected sounds

· Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with visible ID tags

· Microchip your pet and keep your contact information up to date in a national database, like HomeAgain